best detangling brush for 4c hair

Best detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide

Detangling 4c hair is no easy task as regular thin & silky hair. And if the detangling brush is not good, then the job becomes more difficult and it may also damage your hair. If you trying to find out the best detangling brush or comb for type 4c hair, we can help you. This article has a review of the top 15 best detangling brush for 4c hair. This will help you to choose the ideal brush for detangling your 4c hair with full buyer guide.

1. Michel Mercier Detangler - Detangling Hairbrush (Thick Hair)

best detangling brush for 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 1

Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrush is 5exceptional no-tangle patented brush that will give you smooth brushing without feeling any pain. There are 428 bristles of 32 different heights that will give proper pressure on your hair and you will have an awesome brushing experience. The classic Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrush was introduced as the very first product of the market. While brushing your hair with the patented brush design will massage your scalp very gently and detangle your hair very quickly whether it is wet or dry.

The brush is available for different types of hair and the colour of the brush varies with the difference in hair type. The pink brush is for fine hair, the Green brush is for brushing normal hair while the blue brush is made for thick hair.

Michel Mercier Detangler Detangling Hairbrush made for thick hair is an ideal one if you want to make hairstyle on wet condition.  The design is specially made for removing knots and tangles from wet hair.

The hairbrush is perfect for both adults and kids. It will provide you with shiny and healthy hair with little hair loss and breakage.

  • Pain-free brushing.
  • Detangles quickly both wet & dry hair.
  • Colour variation with hair type.
  • Thick hair version is perfect for wet hairstyle.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Could be made stronger.

2. Detangling Brush for Curly Hair, Black Hair Detangler

The detangling brush has 8 rows of separate nylon bristles that can detangle thick, long, matted curly, coily, wavy, kinky and natural hair very easily. There will be no hair damage and you will feel less pain on your scalp. It will also take less time to detangle your hair with a flexible head.

The detangling brush is an ideal tool for people with 3a to 4c super-curly African American hair. The flexible bristles will easily and smoothly detangle your oil or conditioner applied hair in both wet and dry condition. If there are normal tangle in your hair or you have very long thick hair, you can choose this product for best performance.

You can apply this detangler brush on both dry and wet hair. For getting a better result, you can massage oil on your dry hair or apply conditioner while taking shower 7 this will also save your time in detangling. The distance of the bracket and the bristles is adjustable. The ergonomic design of the product provides you with maximum control over it with the non-slip comfy rubber grip while tangling your hair.

The hairbrush has a ventilated area on its back of the radial vent. This will cover the hair with comfortable heat balance and also lessen the time of hair drying and protects hair from damage by overheating.

This product will not disappoint you with the soft flexible hair detangling. If you have become tired of the regular ordinary hair care items, you can try it.

  • Detangles smoothly oil/conditioner applied hair.
  • Reduces the hair damage for blow dying.
  • Perfect one for curly hair.
  • Can detangle wigs also.
  • The handle may seem to be a little big for small hands.

3. Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Hair Brush

best detangling brush for natural 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 3

Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Hair Brush is a very comfortable product that will not damage or snag your hair. This hairbrush is an ideal product for all types of hair. The grip design of the hairbrush is very comfortable to hold.

Goody hairbrush is an ideal product for not only detangling your hair but also for styling and grooming the hair. Goody is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world for manufacturing hair styling products and accessories. This company has been producing awesome hair look for more than 100 years. Goody supplies customers with products designed by the latest trends so that the users can enjoy hair-style with value and easily make a new look.

Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Hair Brush also helps to take the applied oil from the roots of the hair to the overall length & ends of hair.

If you want to clean the brush, just squeeze the bristles of the brush with your entire hand and grab the bristles out similar to maximum brushes. You can also use a fine comb or pick if you like for cleaning the hair from this brush.

  • Ideal for all types of hair.
  • Causes no hair damage.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Spreads the oil nicely over the hair.
  • May induce bad smell after use.

4. Revlon Detangle & Smooth Berry Cushion Hair Brush

best detangling brush or comb for type 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 4

Revlon Detangle & Smooth Berry Cushion Hair Brush comes in new colour now! This hairbrush is ideal for detangling and smoothing out your hair. The brush is made with a rubberized finish. The brush style will meet all the hair needs of the users. It is manufactured with soft brush bristles. The hairbrush works for both wet and dry hair. Revlon is inspired by beauty and wants to create a positive impact on our daily life. They have used the latest technology for creating style solutions and new hairstyles to make you feel and look beautiful.

The technological innovation prevents hair damage and helps to create your favourite hairstyle. It creates a beautiful and gentle vision of you. This product will essentially help you to detangle your hair and smooth out the hair-curls. When styling your hair, the rubberized finish of the hairbrush will give you a firm grip and better comfort.

  • soft brush bristles.
  • firm grip with a rubberized finish.
  • Detangles every knot.
  • Worth the money.
  • Small size may not be suitable for all.

5. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults & Kids Hair

best detangling brush for 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 5

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush is an original product with the firm and high-quality bristles that will not change shape. Since the hair detangling brush of this company has been launched, many companies have tried to make a copy of this product. But no one could make like this original product.

This product gives its best performance in removing tangles and hair knots. Ordinary brush bristles operate against your hair. Instead of gently separating the knotted hair, they rip through the hair knot and pull out! But this hairbrush has plastic bristles with a unique cone shape that separate your hair sideways not downward and unravel even the most complex tangles very gently.

Like other brushes, Glide Thru hair brush will not rip out your hair or dig into the scalp and so it will not cause any damage to hair or scalp. It will remove hair tangles without yanking or hurting you and you can hold it easily in your palm.

The beads at the end of most brushes may dig the scalp and may cause hair breakage or scalp pain by trapping in tangles. He soft painless plastic bristles of the Glide Thru brush will give a massage feel on the scalp and increase blood circulation that may lead to increase hair growth. You will feel so good and comfortable to brush again and again. This brush will also make your hair shine by smoothing the cuticle layer.

Glide brush is designed for use on both dry and wet hair. It can easily remove all tangles and knots. You can use it for natural, curly or straight, thick or thin, coily, kinky, frizzy hair or even wigs or extensions.

  • Child friendly.
  • painless soft plastic bristles.
  • Gives massage feeling on the scalp.
  • Smoothes cuticle layer.
  • Short bristles.

6. Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush - Pink and Blue

best detangling brush or comb for type 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 6

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush is not similar to other ordinary hairbrushes. This is one of the best detangling brush for 4c hair which is crafted brilliantly. It will not pull out or rip out your knotted hair. The brush will gently glide through the hair to detangle each tough tangle of your hair.

The Intelliflex Bristles are ultra-soft to provide you with the facilities of 56% less effort, 45% Less Breakage and 100% Happier Hair. The ultra-softness of the Intelliflex Bristles will minimize pain. The bristles glide through the knots, tangles minimizing split ends and breakage with its brilliant design. There will be less damage to your hair as you can brush and detangle the hair with less force. 

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush is perfect for all types of hairs. This friendly brush will work on any type of hair whether it is short or long, fine or thick, straight or curly. The brush will run through the hair removing each knot and also making the hair soft.

You can buy the product with confidence as they try to fulfil 100% customer satisfaction. The product is suitable for brushing both wet and dry hair. All men, women and kids can use it easily. You will also get a replacement option if there is any problem.

  • Exclusive Ultra-soft IntelliFlex.
  • Glide Through Tangles With Ease.
  • Healthy and painless way of brushing hair.
  • Made for all types of hair.
  • Works both on wet & dry hair.
  • Perfect for men, women & kids.
  • May not last for several years.

7. Wooden Bristle Paddle Hair Brush | Length 10.25" Width 3.5"

best detangling brush for natural 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 7

Wooden Bristle Paddle Hair Brush is 10.25” long, 3.5” wide & its depth is 1.5”. The big wooden paddle of the brush will provide you easy brushing of the long, thick or unruly hair.

The bristles of the brush are also wooden. The real wood bristles of the brush will detangle all the knots and tangles gently and of course reliably! This detangler brush has the professional quality for all types of natural hair.


The brush handle is made and carved by solid wood. Therefore it is strong enough to withstand coarse or thick type and for detangling tough textures hair. But it also has an easy grip and lightweight for comfortable use.

The plastic bristle brushes may break or cause strands to the snag. This can lead to hair damage and hair loss. As this product has fitted solid wooden bristles, it helps to protect the hair from drying. More importantly, it will not make any scratch on your scalp.

Wooden Bristle Paddle Hair Brush works best for thick hair. Thicker hair is difficult to brush and needs a stronger brush. This product is designed for brushing dense hair, curly hair or extra long hair. It’s a grooming essential that can fulfil all the demands of these types of hair.

You can brush the hair on both wet and dry condition. Although most of the wooden brushes are not made for both wet and dry hair brushing, this is different. The pad reduces frizz as it absorbs static & gives a smooth finish.

  • Natural Eco-Friendly Wood Handle.
  • Reliable real wood bristles.
  • Professional quality for natural hair.
  • Much strong & longer lasting.
  • Lightweight with easy grip.
  • Best for thick hair.
  • Wooden bristles may not be soft for every scalp.

8. FoxyBae Rose Gold Detangling Brush - Professional Hair Detangler Brush

Detangler Brush for Black Natural HairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 8

Foxy bae Rose Gold Detangling Brush is professionally designed for detangling hair. This firm and high-quality brush have bristles of different lengths. This nice product will offer you detangling the knots very easily without feeling pain. It works on all types of hair including fine, curly or thick without breaking or tearing your hair.

Foxybae Rose Gold professional brush will maintain strong hair heath and protect your hair from damages. It will work magically on all hairs whether it is fine, straight or curly, long or extra-long, wet, dry or damaged. Foxybae detangling hairbrush not only makes the hair healthier and stronger but also increases the volume and shine of the hair. It can give you smooth, lush and shiny hair.

Rose Gold Detangling Hair Brush minimizes hair loss and prevents hair breakage or damage. You will get minimum hair left on your detangling brush and the floor, there will be no more hair ripping out. This brush will make you smoother and make you tension-free about hair loss & damage. So you can try and experiment with changing trends & latest styles on your hair.

Foxybae Rose Gold brush handle and bristles are lightweight with unique and ergonomic design. This helps to unravel tough to tough tangles easily and gently. The important feature of this brush that can impress you is its comfortable grip. When you are brushing your hair with it, it will not slip away from your hand. Plastic bristles are soft and painless to massage your scalp and increase blood circulation. This can also lead to an increase in hair growth. 

The hairbrush has so soft and special lightweight bristles that make it easy to maintain and clean. You can easily and smoothly hold the comfort grip handle and it won’t slip from your hand. This small size brush will take a little space in your bag. So you can carry it anywhere without any tension of space-saving in the bag. It’s so small that you can easily keep it all time even in your purse.

  • Professional design.
  • Improves hair health.
  • Bristles are soft and lightweight.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Easy to use.
  • small size to carry everywhere.
  • Plastic bristles may not seem to be very strong.

9. Detangling Brush Ez Detangler Brush for Black Natural Hair

best detangling brush for 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 5

The product comes as a package of 3 pack Ez detangler & 1pcs dge brushes. At the back of each brush, there is a detachable bracket. This feature makes it suitable for 3a to 4c kinky wavy, wet and dry, curly, thick or matted hair textures.

The detangling brush does powerful function for African-American hair. This is also suitable for persons having hair knots and tangles. The needles of the hairbrush are round shaped and the bristle is separate. With this design, it can detangle the hair knots and brush the curls of the hair avoiding hair pulling or scalp damaging. The brush is waterproof and easily cleanable.

For stretching and fixing the bristles there is a detachable bracket in this detangling brush. Its backside has two slots for fixing different heights per the condition of your hair.

This detangling product is applicable for both dry and wet hair. While you are washing your hair, you can use this brush for detangling the knots, massaging and cleaning the scalp.

ABS resin is used for making this brush hence it’s lighter than rubber material. Firmness and durability are increased with the nylon needles. The brush is anti-slip and easier to hold with the matte surface and curved grip. People of all ages can use it with a comfortable grip without falling off from the hand.

  • Lightweight ABS resin material.
  • Adjustable bristles.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Improved Workmanship.
  • More durable.
  • Too much lightweight.

10.Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush - Pink And Purple - Exclusive Ultra-soft IntelliFlex Bristles

Original Detangler Hair BrushBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 10

This is one of the best detangler brushes, unlike the ordinary detangler brushes. The brilliant craft of this product will not pull or rip out the tangled or knotted hair. The detangler brush will gently glide through your hair and easily remove tough knots.

Original Detangler Hair Brush has ultra-soft and exclusive IntelliFlex bristles feature. The strong bristles gently glide through the hair knots and tangles and also give a gentle massage on the scalp. This strengthens your hair by stimulating the blood flow of the scalp.

The brilliant design of the hair detangler brush will protect your hair from breakage and split ends and also minimize pain. You don’t need to put extra force on brushing to detangle the knots of your hair and as such there will be less hair damage.

The brush will run through any type of hair- thick or fine, curly or straight, long or short and remove all the tangles quite easily making the hair softer. It is suitable for men, women and kids and does a great job on both wet and dry hair.

They are working hard to offer you 100% Customer Satisfaction to let you buy with confidence. And you will also be happy to get the replace option within 30 days in case of any manufacturing defect.

  • Ultra-soft bristles.
  • Healthy and painless brushing.
  • Suits every type of hair.
  • For both wet and dry hair.
  • Offers 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • The handle is thinner and lighter.
  • Less pliable bristles.

11. Detangling Brush for Curly Hair, Black Detangler Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles for African American 4c Hair 10x2 inch (Black)

Detangling Brush for Curly HairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 11

This detangling hairbrush is of 10×2 inch size. The brush head is flexible with separate nylon bristles. This flexible head brush will work on matted curly, thick, wavy, long or natural hair without causing any hair damage. While using the brush, adult or children will not feel pain on the scalp.

The brush gives the best performance on women hair. This hairbrush is afro for hair with normal tangles or too much curly 3a, 4b or 4c African American hair. This detangling brush will be the best choice for you if you are a woman. Whether you have long straight hair, long thick hair, natural black hair or curly hair it will comb through every type.

This vent hairbrush is curved with 8 rows of separate and flexible bristles and there is also a detachable bracket. This bracket is given for adjusting the distance between the bristles of the brush. There is also a ventilated area at the backside of the radial vent of the hairbrush. Airflow can move through this ventilated area section that can maintain a uniform heat on your hair, decrease blow drying time and therefore protect your hair from overheat damages. This hairbrush is also a good choice for detangling wet hair.

The detangler brush is crafted luxuriously for fashion hooks and hairstylists. They also kept quality in mind while designing the brush for hairstyle lovers. The non-slip rubber grip is innovative and much comfortable. This grip is designed specially to ensure your highest control on it. The kids can also hold on to this brush very easily.

In case of any dissatisfaction, the company will give you a replaced product or full refund. And for your convenience, they will answer to all your pre-sale or after-sale questions within 24 hours.

  • Best women hairbrush.
  • Vent hair brush for blow-drying.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Good for detangling wet hair .
  • Both replacement and full refund options.
  • More process in assembling brush.

12. BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Black Natural Hair, Detangler Brush

Detangler Brush for Natural Black Hair Curly HairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 12

BESTOOL Detangling Brush is a revolutionary brush for detangling black natural hair. It’s an easier and faster detangling brush for curly, kinky, wet or dry, coily or wavy 3/4abc hair texture.

The brush has a unique design with 8 free and flexible arms of the comb with a control bar. This unique feature makes it work much better with 80percent less damage and 70percent less detangling time. For releasing the hair knots and tangles, you have to go in vertically. After that horizontally smooth and define your hair. The arms of the comb are firmer when they work with the control bar.

The brush handle has an ergonomic design that can surprise the user. The sturdy and handy rubberized handle also makes people interested in this product with the detangling capability of the brush.

The company is much confident on their BESTOOL detangler brushes to offer you Refund, Return or Replacement options within 3 months. So you can also buy and use this product with confidence.

The detangler brush with moving arms made a revolution in detangling hair knots. BESTOOL Easy Detangler Brush has become popular worldwide with its awesome work.

BESTOOL Easy Detangler Brush does the detangling process 3 times faster than ordinary detangler brushes of the market.  There will be less hair damage, less pain with less pull with the flexible moving arms of the brush. While defining your hair knots, you will get the best experience with the sturdy and grip handle of the brush. All types of hair including thin or thick, 3/4abc, curly or coily, can be benefited by this detangler brush no matter it’s wet or dry. 

There are three colour options for BESTOOL Easy Detangler Brush- Green, Pink and Blue.

  • Original and revolutionary detangling brush.
  • Unique design.
  • 8 flexible free comb arms.
  • sturdy & handy rubberized handle.
  • 3 times faster detangler.
  • The brace" attachment may seem useless.

13. Remington DT7432 Wet or Dry Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush with Brush Cover, Adults & Kids

detangling brush for 4c hairBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 13

Remington DT7432 Electric Detangling Brush is an electric brush for detangling hair in an easier way. While you are detangling your hair knots and tangles gently, the teeth of this electric brush will rock back and forth. This will make you loosen the toughest tangle of unruly hair.

You will be glad to know that they have also upgraded “Tangle Tamer” brush which is their best selling product in the market. It now comes with a brand new sleek design.

The Remington Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush is featured with a slip on the cover of the brush. This slip is included so that it can save the detangling head of the brush while the brush is in storage or travel.

The detangling brush is made for use on both wet and dry hair condition, you can brush the hair anytime while wet or dry. It will give you the option of choosing the most comfortable condition for you.

The tip teeth of the detangling brush are very soft to protect the hair from pulling or tugging. Remington Tame The Mane Electric Detangling Brush will act gently on your scalp.

There are two AA batteries included with the detangling brush. That’s why the brush is battery powered brush that can provide you with cordless convenience. There is On/Off Switch for making the operation easier and kids can also use the brush for detangling by their own.

  • Electric Detangling brush.
  • Wet or Dry Use.
  • Exclusive brush cover design.
  • cordless convenience.
  • battery-powered brush.
  • May not be best for straight long hair.

14. Tangle Buster Brush, Detangler for All Hair Types, Black Color, (9 Fingers)

Detangler for All Hair TypesBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 14

Kareco Tangle Buster Brush is not only a detangler brush but also shape and smooth large sections of both wet and dry hair. This brush has a paddle that is uniquely flexible and the bristles are ionic. The brush gives glides through the hair giving gentle massage while removing knots. As such it protects the hair from damage and becomes an ideal brush for sensitive scalp. This brush made busting the tangles the easiest.

The body of Kareco detangling brush is too much flexible that it can conform to your head shape. You will get a gentle glide while brushing, every time you use it! Full-flex paddle with wide-platform the easy-glide bristles can massage the scalp and help you in brushing or detangling thick hair.

Just leave worrying about hair knots and tangles. This brush will give snag-free glide through the hair without causing any hair damage. The product is suitable for detangling wet and dry hair and you can also use it for grooming thin, straight or damaged hair. Your hair will also have a soft feel with this tangle brush. The brush has smooth nylon pins that are attached with the super flex rubber fingers and a natural rubber pad that is anti-static.

This brush is perfect for all hair types and different hairstyles and both men and women can use it. The glide bristles will give fine hair the advantage of the natural stimulating scalp to make the hair healthier. The detangling features will offer enjoyment to the user with thicker hair. This hairbrush of the high-quality craft will provide benefits to short, long, curly or tangled hair.

  • Flexible paddle brush with glide bristles.
  • Snag and tangle-free hairbrush.
  • Supports all types of hair.
  • Gentleness by design.
  • There may be Little plastic bits at end of bristles..

15. Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry, Ombre

best detangling brush or combBest detangling brush for 4c hair – Review with Complete Guide 15

Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry is a high-quality product that is comfortable o use and will give your quick dry. Omniflex brush head is super flexible from all directions that can contour to your scalp. The brush has an open-vented design that can remove moisture from your hair faster than any other ordinary brushes and speeds your hair drying time.

You can easily use Wet Brush Pro flex dry Wet Brush anywhere to brush your wet hair. The wet brush will show magic on solving the horrible and irritating problem of detangling hair knots without causing hair damage and tears.

The design of the brush is unique with IntelliFlex bristles that runs through the hair without any effort and detangles tough to tough knots of the tangled hair without tugging or pulling. This is a hairdryer safe brush and it will help you to dry the hair faster with your blow dryer.

  • Quick and comfortable hair drying.
  • Use it anywhere.
  • Unique brush with IntelliFlex bristles.
  • Hairdryer safe.
  • May not last for longer time.

How to choose the best detangling brush for 4c hair?

If you are going to choose the best detangling brush for your 4c hair, the following things are most important that you should keep in mind.

Brush size

The size of the brush should be according to the thickness of your hair so that it works properly. Too small brushes can’t deal with tough tangles and thick hair while too large brushes are difficult to handle with your hand.

Bristles Number and size

The number of bristles of the brush and their size is the most important thing that you should consider. There are wide, small and many other types of bristles. You have to choose the number of bristles that can detangle your 4c hair properly.


The material of the brush should be high-quality to be strong enough to deal with tough tangles and knots. Otherwise, the bristles may break while using. Moreover, the material should not be rough to give painful brushing.

Brush & Bristle design

The brush design should be specially made for detangling and for combing 4c hair. The bristle design should be such that it can easily detangle every knot and the brushing doesn’t hurt your scalp. The best brush for natural curly hair bristles should be smooth to give you a feel of massage on your scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best brush for 4c hair?

All detangling brushes are not suitable for detangling 4c hair. It’s better to avoid using small bristles brushes for 4c hair. You should choose wide toothbrushes specially made for detangling 4c hair. We have mentioned here the best detangling brush for natural 4c hair. You can try any one of these.

Can you brush 4c hair?

Yes you can do it. But you shouldn’t brush your 4c hair when it’s bone dry. Rather brush it in wet condition and if you want to make dry hairstyle, you should apply some product like oil for better result. We will also suggest you not use brushes with a small tooth to detangle your 4c hair.

What is the best detangling brush?

The best detangling brush for you will be that one if it easily detangles every tangle and knots of your hair. It will work within the shortest time and give you a nice feel. It should not dig your scalp or cause any sort of hair damage. For example, Felicia leatherwood detangling brush is one of the best detangling brushes. If you have 4c hair, you can try the top 5 products we have listed in this article.

Is a Denman brush good for 4c hair?

Yes, Denman brush is ideal for you if you want to detangle your 4c hair and also reduce the time needed for it. There are different types of Denman brushes available and you should choose the right one. We will recommend you to choose a Denman detangling brush for 4c hair with 5 to 7 rows of bristles for best result.

How can I keep my 4c hair Detangled?

There are some tips for detangling your 4c hair. Shampoo carefully, condition deeply and keep the hair moisturized. Love your 4c hair and avoid over-styling. Choose the right 4c detangling brush and detangle carefully.

Should I detangle my hair with my fingers or a brush?

Detangling with fingers may not be the best solution to tangles. You can use fingers to detangle knots more gently than a hairbrush. You may succeed to detangle many knots with the finger. But using a detangler brush will be more effective. Moreover doing the full detangling job with a finger may take much time and you may get bore to do this lengthy job daily. So it’s better to do the job using both fingers and brush.

How to detangle natural hair?

For detangling natural hair, use a good detangler brush specially made for natural hair. Then make your hair wet or damp and make some sections of your hair. After that, start detangling a single section from the end or bottom of the hair. Similarly, brush each section. 

Things to avoid when detangling?

There are certain things that you should never do with your knotted hair. These may cause hair damage or hair fall. For example, it’s not good to detangle the hair when it’s too dry. Avoid detangling all the hair together and don’t start from the scalp or root of the hair. You should also avoid tiny teeth brushes for detangling. And don’t forget to apply shampoo before detangling.

What product should you be using?

There are several products available in the market to assist in detangling hair. You can use oil or a good quality hydrating conditioner before detangling the hair. You can also use a “pre-poo” or “pre-shampoo” which is an oil-based product to make the hair more comfortable to brush. And of course, use a best-quality detangling brush.

Additional tools to help the detangling process?

If the detangling brush is chosen perfectly, there is no need for an additional tool. You have to choose the best brush for your hair type. Then you can also use a spray bottle, fill it with conditioner or other product you use while detangling. It will be easier to apply these products on your hair with this spray bottle.

Final Thoughts

We have chosen the top 15 best detangling brush for 4b 4c hair of the market for review. We hope that our honest review with a complete buying guide will help you to pick up the ideal piece for detangling and styling your 4c hair.

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