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Best Skin care idea

Best Skin care idea

skin care

Do you want to get a blemish, flawless, and smooth skin? So, this article is for you. From this content, you will be able to know much significant information which assists you to take care of your skin properly.

The skin type is not the same for everyone. Reminding it, we come with the different types of steps which help you to take care of any types of skin smoothly.

Skin care is a need for improving skin condition. If you care your skin regularly it will thank you. Your skin stays smooth and gloomy. Without care, your bright skin also becomes dull and ugly. So, skin care is essential for all types of skin plus for all types of age.

Skin care means not only use a few brand products, but it means to clean types, eating food, sound sleep, and exercise. You can’t get smooth skin only using products. You also need to take other important steps for it.

So, read on this article at the end and know the most important tips to take care of your lovely skin perfectly.

Prepare daily skin care tips at home by yourself

Today, I’ll discuss how to take care of your skin. I hope if you maintain the below routine, to get a beautiful smooth skin within a short time.  

1. Know skin type

There are various types of skin, and the caring system of them also is not the same. So, at first, you need to know the skin types of yours.

These beauty care tips are perfect for all skin types like oily, dry, sensitive, combination or normal skin. First, you have to know your skin type, and then buy your cosmetic products according to it.

However, before seeing the daily skin care routine at home, let’s see how you can identify your skin type. Your skin type may be dropped into one of the following categories:

  • Oily skin will enclose comparatively large pores and often shines with oil especially upon waking up in the morning.
  • Dry skin leans to be comparatively bumpy and will peel more simply than other types of skin.
  • Sensitive skin can be injured or damaged very easily. If your skin normally stings, burns or tickles after using any cosmetics or skin care products, you possibly have sensitive skin.
  • Combination skin probably dry in some skin areas like the chin, but, oily in other areas such as the forehead. Most likely, it may be sensitive but only around certain parts of your face and body.
  • Normal skin is the best and ideal skin. This skin type is neither oily nor dry, and also it is not usually sensitive to skin care products.

2. Testing your skin type

If you are unaware about the types of your skin, you can try the testing by following some simple steps to find out:

  1. Clean your face with cold water. Don’t apply anything on your face at that time.
  2. Wait for ½ hours.
  3. Take a tissue and bolt it on your forehead smoothly.
  4. At last, stand in front of the mirror to test your skin type.

3. Test result:

What kind of skin of yours?

  • If you see small pores on your skin in the mirror and find flakes but no oil on your tissue, you probably dry skin type.
  • If you find oil in the tissue or see pores in the mirror, it certain that you have oily skin type.
  • If you see both types of symptoms explained in the last situations, you likely have a combination skin type.
  • If your skin is sensitive, you can avoid testing it. Because you will fill uncomfortable for applying makeup or other products to your skin in the past.
  • If you didn’t see any kind of symptom that you see before like oil, large pores in the mirror, congratulations! You are the owner of normal skin.

Daily skin care routine for all types of skin

To reveal an amazing and glowing skin, you should keep a daily skin care routine. By maintaining a regular schedule, you can see a long difference between before and after of your face. If your schedule will well, you can find a better result from it.


Here, is a general but an effective daily skin care routine :

1. Rescue your skin from sunlight


Sunlight of pick hour is one of the most important causes of our skin problem. The over-heat is not only the main reason for wrinkle, age spots, and many other skin problems but also can increase the risk of skin cancer. So you have to avoid sunlight to protect your skin.

Sun protection tricks:

  • Skip sun: Try to skip the sun at pick hour. From the 10 A.M to 2 P.M is the pick hour time and this time sunlight stay heavy, and it is very harmful to our skin.
  • Need sunscreen lotion: When you have to go out use sunscreen lotion. In spite of staying indoors and outdoors, the use of sunscreen is important. If you stay at home use the sunscreen lotion SPF-15 and use SPF-30 when you stay outside of the home.
  • Practice shielding cloth: When you have to go out cover yourself up with a scarf, use a hat, and sunglass to protect your eyes. Try to wear woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants if you need to go out at pick hour.

2. Avoid smoking

skin care

Smoking is very harmful not only to your body but also for your skin. It makes your skin look older than your age and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking is the real causes of decreases blood flow which makes your skin paler. Oxygen and nutrients are very important for our skin health which can be depleted by smoking.

Collagen and Elastin- the fibers are essential for giving your skin strength plus softness. But, they can also be damaged by smoking. Smoking also damages your eyes and the skin of your lips.

The risk of cell skin cancer is also increased by smoking. So, avoid smoking the best skin care idea to protect your skin from various types of skin problems so that you can look more youthful than your age.

3. Treat your skin smoothly

As your daily skin care routine clean your skin regularly, that is more significant skin care tips. To keep it smoothly:

  • Limit your bath time: Taking long time showers or hot water baths is not a good idea. It need to remove the excess oils from your skin. So, limit your bath time and use warm water for a bath. It can make a wall to dry out your skin.
  • Skip strong soaps: Try to avoid strong soaps or those soaps which makes more foam that can strip oil from your skin. Instead of soap, try to keep mild cleanser.
  • Shave carefully: apply your shaving cream, lotion, or gel before shaving so that you can protect your skin. Always you use a clean and sharp razor for shaving.
  • Pat dry: To keep a few moisturizers on your skin, you need to use a towel after taking a shower or bath.
  • Moisturized dry skin: Apply moisturizer according to your skin type that helps to recover your sunburn or damaged skin. Using moisturizer twice or thrice daily is very need for oily skin. The water-based moisturizer comes with hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera water, and they are needed to keep long-lasting hydration on your skin.

4. Eat healthy food

Best skin care idea

Always try to eat healthy food which remains your skin fresh and keeps away from various diseases. It also helps you to look youthful and feel better. Try to eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. To promote younger looking skin fish oil is a great source which increases the unhealthy fats plus needs to refined carbohydrates. Drinking at minimum 8 glasses of water helps to keep your skin hydrated, and it also helps to make your skin fresh.

5. Manage stress

Stress is very responsible for your pale skin. Stress makes your skin more sensitive and helps to create new acne and many other skin problems. If you want to get healthy skin, you have to try to keep your mind stress free. So, you might follow a few tips to manage your stress such as sufficient sleep, keep limit responsibility, scale back your to-do list, and keep sufficient time for entertainment which can give you enough enjoy.

6. Dos for healthy skin

skin care

Follow the steps one by one to keep your skin healthy to look glowing and youthful.

  • Sleep 8 hours a day

About 7/8 hours sleeping is essential not only for our body and mind but also for our skin. We all are aware of it but can’t do it for our busy daily routine. We have to try to sleep at least 6/7 hours to get glowing or youthful skin. Otherwise, this busy time becomes a flawlessness skin at a time and you look very older than your age. Late night sleeping or a short time sleeping may the cause of pimples also.

  • Drink plenty of water and vegetables

Only the best product can’t emerge a flawless skin or face. We always should remember that what we eat, they affect our skin on the outside. So, we take the best food that means fresh foods and vegetables which help us to keep our skin youthful looking. And we need to drink plenty of water that flushes unwanted toxin in our body. At least 8 glasses of drinking water you should drink in a day. 

  • Try to use organic products

It is true and real that we use various types of product for our face so that we look beautiful in front of others. But we can’t think about how much they will harmful for our skin at last. If you want to get natural beauty, you should use organic products that are certified are proven safe and effective. It is always free from preservatives, and other harmful ingredients that trigger allergic reactions. Organic products produce in a way so that we can get a healthy and beautiful looking face. And, using an organic product is a great skin care idea.

  • Use Moisturizer: Apply moisturizer according to your skin type that helps to recover your sunburn or damaged skin.
  • Eye cream: Without the beauty of the eye, the beauty of the face is valueless. So, use an eye cream before moisturizer, on your eye circle

7. Don’t for skin care

skin care

Always try not to do the following steps as the skin care idea. They are never good for your skin in any way.

  • Never ever forget your skincare routine

In our busy daily schedule, we can’t take good care of our skin, and even we sometimes forget to wash our face regularly. We have to make a daily skin care routine so that we can care about our skin and face daily. It should remember that only making a routine is not all. You have to maintain it regularly. But don’t follow the routine in a way that if you forget at night, you will do it in the morning and it is not fair for your skin. It becomes very harmful for your skin. So, make a routine and follow it timely.

  • Don’t sleep with makeup

Never sleep with make-up. Before going to sleep wash away your makeup with lukewarm water smoothly. If you don’t remove your makeup before going to sleep, it can create blackheads because it mixes with the dirt and oil on your skin. Take a bottle of Micellar water for removing your makeup easily. Keep some Micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe the pad across your face to remove your mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshade.

  • Don’t over-exploiting at all

We all know that exfoliation makes our skin appear youthful. It also helps in unclogging our pores that will make the absorption of the products that we are going to apply better. But, over-exfoliation is not good for our skin at all. It is one of the main causes to make our skin responsive and dry. So, friendly advice, you should just exfoliate a maximum of twice weekly.

  • Don’t touch your face

Touching our face without any cause so many times in a day is normal, right? But it is a curse for our skin that we are doing everyday unawareness. If you touch your face so many times the chance to infection of bacteria will increase. Do you want to happen it with you? Of course not! So, we have to do something to stop this horrible habit. We should try to stop touching our face gradually without any cause.

  • Don’t take the make-up that loaded harmful ingredients

 Check your makeup products before use or buy carefully that you put into your face. I think all of us know that excessive use of the products that contain harmful ingredients will result in breakouts, blackheads or whiteheads. So, when you think to buy any makeup products, you might be careful and try to check what ingredients actually loaded into the products.


We have recommended you 5 top and best tips and tricks as the best skin care idea that helps you to look fresh and younger. Hopefully, you find interest from it and useful read the article. After reading this article, you may know a few basic tricks that can be a great idea for good skin care tips.

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