Cheap Nail Polishes

6 best Cheap Nail Polishes OF 2019

If you are trying to find the best Cheap Nail Polishes on the market

Cheap Nail Polishes

With so many colors and shades of enamels available it is not surprising that many of us end up with boxes full of these small boats and an empty wallet. What we all want and look for are good and cheap nail polishes, which make us want to apply them again to get a perfect manicure. Unfortunately, this is a difficult combination to find, but not impossible. The market is full of cheap nail polishes that can flake or break even on the same day, but there are always some brands that counteract this trend, as we present below.

Six cheap and good nail polishes that we recommend

Cheap Essie nail polish

Nail polish with an attractive coral color. This Essie brand product provides high-quality coverage. It is a durable and durable enamel, which remains on the nails for 7 to 10 days. Perfect for those whose polishes are damage from the first day of its application. This product stands out because it does not carry acetone in its composition. Instead, it has a formula with gel texture to achieve the same results but without the strong smell of acetone.

This product has a brush specially designed to facilitate the application of enamel. Besides, this brush allows maximum rush on the edges is avoiding painting outside the nails. We are facing an article of average price that offers long duration, so it spreads a lot. Do not forget, also, the added value of this enamel in which acetone have been removed from its composition.

Cheap Nail Polishes

Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen

This enamel brand isn’t a bit difficult to find in USA. It usually costs about $15, but you can save on other products since this is a multi functional enamel that does not need the application of protective layers. Its complete formula provides nutrients that strengthen the health of the nail while promoting more extended durability of the manicure, may take up to 7 days to appear the first sparks.

It is available in various colors and tones and only needs one or two applications to achieve the desired effect. It takes to completely dry since it can take 30 minutes.

Cheap Nail Polishes

Zoya traditional enamel

Zoya is a brand of reputed reputation among cheap nail polishes for presenting a long-lasting vegetable formula without chemicals. Its primary line is the most accessible in price, not because it contains a less right method but simply because of its simple effect (without glitter, matt effect or gel). It may take up to 9 days for the first cracks to appear and its color always remains alive, without losing its brightness with daily aggressions. It has several colors available, and texture easily spread on the nail.

Like all cheap nail polishes, this one could not help but present a disadvantage, but it is one of little consequence. Some women complain that after the application and once completely dry, this enamel tends to contract a bit of the extremity.

Cheap Nail Polishes

Nail Lacquer with Hardeners from China Glaze

One of the most affordable tickets in price in our list of cheap nail polishes is also one of the most vivid and different colors presents.
This American brand is one of the favorites of the lovers of interesting manicures and designs as it provides a bright and uniform finish that guarantees its durability. Its formula is also enriched with nutrients that promote health and increase the hardness of the nail.

Cheap Nail Polishes

Nail polish from L'Óreal

L’Óreal Paris is one of the most prestigious cosmetics brands for the quality of its products allied to prices that make it accessible to ordinary mortals. And it is precisely this quality/price ratio that guarantees you a place in this list of cheap nail enamels as it presents one of the lowest price products, but also one of the best. Its formula promises a perfect manicure without cracks for up to 10 days and usually costs only between $ 0.97 and $14.99.

Its main disadvantage is the offer of colors, since the brand bets on limited collections. If you fall in love with a specific color, you may suffer disappointment the next time you try to buy.

Cheap Nail Polishes

Wild shine by Wet n Wild

This line of cheap nail enamels from Wet n Wild does not stop doing justice to its name and provide a uniform finish with a gloss that otherwise would only be possible to obtain in a professional manicure.

Available in strong and unusual colors, it is at par with China Glaze one of the best brands to always agree with the trends in colors without ending in bankruptcy. It promises a perfect and shiny finish until ten days after applied.

Cheap Nail Polishes


Before buying a cheap nail polishes you have to take into account some details to be able to choose the product more in line with what we are looking for, the first thing to decide is the color we want for our enamel. It depends both on the personal taste and the effect it has applied to our nails. In this sense, the market offers a multitude of colors with very different tonalities for each one. We will have to assess how is the color that we like most in combination with the tone of our skin. In this same sense, if we wish to take care of the appearance of colors, we must also take into account if the color of our enamel matches the style and color of the clothes we are going to use. And the last question related to color is to keep in mind. When choosing it that there is a small margin between the tone that is shown to us and how it looks.

As opposed to, it is essential to pay attention to the duration that the manufacturer claims to have enamel. If we acquire a long-lasting product, it is clear that the bottle will last us longer. It will also be necessary to consider that the cheapest enamels usually require two applications to achieve the best result. However, some people do not want the polish to last long because they like to change color every so often. If it is your case, it will be more advisable that you look at other aspects of the enamel.
Another detail to keep in mind relates to the use of glitters or fixers. There are enamels whose effects are enhanced with the use of brightness. Other polishes require the help of some type of fixer to remain without chips for a longer time. In this regard, we must assess some current products that have brightness included in the composition of the enamel. They are great if we want to save time since the same application consists of both products. Likewise, if we do not like the glossy effect, it will be necessary to take it into account to discard the enamels that include the gloss in its final finish. There is also a product that has a second bottle in which the application of brightness is optional. It is efficient that it is all in the same container, although if we do not use light, it is a factor that can leave us indifferent.

Finally, it is advisable to find brushes that are easy to apply. Also, there are some that are special so that the enamel is smooth or so that the application can maximize without exceeding the surface of the nail. It is especially requisite for those who do not have the habit of painting their nails or for those who want to be able to do it more comfortably. Although if you already have experience, it will be better to prioritize other aspects of enamel that are more important to you.


The good thing about cheap nail polishes is that you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. These that we present to you will surely surprise you by their quality, sometimes superior to many other enamels of reputed brands.

The boxes filled with boats of various colors, we know that we will continue to have, but at least they will be pots of cheap nail polish that allow us to save a little for our other things.

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