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How to make face fair at home

Who does not want to get fair skin naturally? Who does not want to use home remedies to make face glow at home? While being comfortable with your skin is necessary, it is also essential to know how you can make face glow at home.

We often get very tan from sun-bathe, or we lose our brightness by going out a lot in pollution. If you do not prefer an artificial treatment (medical centers, beauty parlors, laser, etc.), then it is always the best to use natural products on your skin.

Why use natural products to get fair skin quickly?

There are many benefits to using home remedies. Here are the reasons why you should got-natural with your skin care products:

1.    Natural products are great for your skin. It does not have any side effect.

2.    The best thing about natural products is they are cheaper than the store bought artificial medicines. When you can buy a lemon at 2 dollars, the GlamGlow masks from Sephora will cost you 40 dollars.

3.    No skin irritation because of the corrosive chemicals and artificial colorants.

4.    No toxic smells are present in natural products. While you might think the scent of the products is harmless but a lot of people suffer from nausea, sinus, allergies as well as migraines due to the presence of the chemical-ish smell.

5.    The last but not least, the natural products are eco-friendly. The artificial products contain chemicals and toxins that can affect the environment severely.

This why you should turn to natural stuff when it comes to skin care. Trust us; there are many natural products available around which can give you fair skin quickly.

Get naturally bright skin fast

get fair skin naturally

As we said, it is possible to get healthier and happier skin just by using natural products. You do not have to go out for parlors, laser treatment or anything. However, before you apply this on your skin, do a patch test on your arm. A lot of people are allergic to even natural products like tomatoes, lemon, sugar, and honey, etc. You surely do not want to run to the doctor for this and hence, testing on a small area on your neck or shoulder is advised.

1.    Honey

get fair skin naturally

The first thing on the list should be honey. Honey is a great skin food. Whether you use it externally or internally, it plays a significant role in giving you a natural glow. For dry to combination skin, take one tablespoon of honey and massage it anti-clockwise on your skin daily. Then, leave the honey for 10 minutes, and they wash. Pat dry your skin with a soft face towel. From the first use, you will find that your skin has become bright and smooth. To get maximum benefit to make sure that you are using natural raw honey. Organic honey is available in every story these days.

2.    Figs

get fair skin naturally

As a beauty expert, one of my all-time favorites is the fig. Take two figs and mash them. Then, mix a half tablespoon of milk with it and gently massage on your skin for two to three minutes. Then, you wash the face with water and pat dry. This is the best way to detox your skin and help it to glow better.

Fig is one of those natural products that will keep your skin young and youthful. To get the maximum benefit of figs, use it regularly. Some people are allergic to it to test it before using.

3.    Milk

get fair skin naturally

Trust me; milk is the best of all ingredients. Milk has all the nutrients and minerals that can make your skin bright and glowy. Not it only nourishes the skin but makes it soft. Milk and honey together are used to remove sun tan. You can also wipe your skin with full-fat milk every day. You can also splash cold milk on your skin. Leave the milk for the next ten minutes and pat dry.

Milk is the best natural moisturizers. If you have dry skin then, you can use it on a regular basis.

4.    Avocado

get fair skin naturally

Avocado has been used for skin treatment for a very long time. During winter, avocado can help your skin a lot to get nourished.

Here is an excellent tip for those who have dry to combination skin. Mash avocado and apply it directly on your clean skin. Then slowly massage it and after massing, leave it for 10-15 minutes. The natural oils from avocado will nourish and moisturize your skin. Avocado is a great skin food because it is full of vitamins, fats, and antioxidants. Eating avocado is another way to get fair skin naturally.

5.    Banana

How to make face glow and fair at home

Banana is the cheapest and most common natural moisturizer. Never underestimate the power of this fabulous fruit. This is not just effective to remove the dark spots of your skin but also, very good in giving you a naturally bright look.

All you need to do is, mash a ripe banana and massage it on your face and neck with the pulp. Then, leave it on your skin. Let the banana mash dry on your skin. Remember that, vitamins like C and E along with a large amount of potassium is present in Banana. These are responsible for giving you clear and bright skin. For the best result, use a ripe banana.

Extra tip: You can add sugar with any of the masks mentioned above to scrub the skin. Sugar is the best natural skin softener. You can use sugar with fresh cream, milk or even lemon juice. Massage the skin lightly, and it will exfoliate the dead skin cells as well as the hidden impurities.

You can always use tons of makeup to make your face look flawless, but nothing is as good as naturally fresh skin. So, try these methods and let us know how your skin has changed.

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