How Does Heat Protectant Work

How Does Heat Protectant Work- All you want to know

If you are going to apply heat protectant on your hair for the very first time, you need to know what is the heat protectant and how does it work. You also need to know how to use it i.e. apply it on your natural hair. We are here to clear all your confusion about How Does Heat Protectant Work and answer all your questions related to it.

How Does Heat Protectant Work?

First of all, you should have a clear concept of what is a heat protectant. This a hair product manufactured to protect your hair from any sort of heat damage including straightening and blow-drying. If you have natural African-American hair, we will recommend you apply any heat protectant to save your hair from heat and make it healthy. This is because this type of hair is generally delicate and fragile and the heat protectants of well-known brands include all necessary ingredients that are essential to protect your hair from heat- damage.

These products are not made only for natural women hair but also for relaxed and other types of hair.

How Does Heat Protectant work on hair?

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The main job of heat protectant is to create a protective barrier on your hair by adding moisture to your hair. It will reduce the loss of moisture when you apply heat to your hair shafts. The heat protectant will restrict hair damage and breakage. Heat protectant available in market stores is generally manufactured with a formula including the combination of two silicones namely Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone. The task of Cyclomethicone is to moisturize your hair and Dimethicone coats your hair and makes it smooth by reducing the loss of moisture. Most of the available hair leave-in products, conditioners and hair-detanglers include Dimethicone, that makes your hair smoother and shinier.

Heat protectants soften the cuticles of the hair shaft and it makes the natural hair less porous. As such your hair becomes less prone to getting frizz -up in humidity.

The heat protectant restores moisture to the thirsty hair for moisture. If you use a protectant, especially before your heat styling the hair can keep the hair conditioned even after applying the heat. It will prohibit the loss of moisture by creating a protective layer on top of the hair shaft. Therefore, your hair will lose less moisture all over the day due to different reasons like heat, dehydration, and a dry environment and so on. In this way, you will get a more manageable hair that can be lubricated easily and you can also easily detangle the hair knot & feel great to touch this hair.

If you want to get the best results from heat protectant, then you have to apply it properly. You should apply it on your hair when it is still damp and it works best in conditioned hair.

For best results, you must apply a heat protectant to your hair while it is still damp. This works best on conditioned hair that offers better heat protectant absorption. You should start styling your hair when it becomes dry. It is very important to use good hair-caring tools that are made with tourmaline or ceramic plates to minimize the hair damage. In case of dry hair, the heat protectant should be applied on wet hair. After that, you should use good-quality conditioning serum to top it off before you start styling your hair. It’s not a good idea to style the wet hair.

Therefore, the basic job of heat protectant can be pointed out clearly. Firstly, it creates a protective layer on the top of the hair. Secondly, it saves the cuticle from exposing to severe heat. Thirdly, it helps to smooth the surface of the hair. And finally, protects hair from heat damage or being frazzled.

How long does heat protectant last?

If you use a good quality heat protectant of the renowned brand it will work for a longer time. Moreover, follow the instructions properly. It’s also better to apply less amount of oil like Moroccan argan oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil to avoid the messy condition.

Does heat protectant work on natural hair?

Heat protectant will work on your natural hair if you apply it following proper instruction. For getting the best result on your natural hair you should do the following steps:

First of all, wash the hair with a good moisturizing shampoo and clean it thoroughly. This will make the heat protectant work properly.

Now deep condition your hair that will lead the heat protectant to reach the hair cuticle faster and get immersed in the hair shaft.

After that, you should make some sections of your natural black hair gently comb through. It will make the detangling process easier that will lead to less hair fall. And it’s a must that you start combing the hair from ends to the root. 

Now carefully apply heat protectant on each section following the instruction written on the heat protectant manual. As such the heat protectant will work better and longer.

Does heat protectant work for the sun?

Heat protectants are made to protect hair from damage due to applying extreme heat. For example hairdryer, heating tools or any type of heat styling tools can lead the hair to unnatural state. Use of flat or curling irons frequently can also damage the hair. In such cases, heat protectants create a barrier between heat and hair cuticles to protect the hair from heat damage. There are also some heat protection products which work like sunscreen that you can use before your hair is exposed to the sun.

Does heat protection spray work?

The answer to this question is affirmative obviously! Heat protection spray works. Every time you use a heating tool for styling and brushing, the natural features of the hair are changed forcefully. Heat protection spray or gel can lessen the hair damage in a great amount. It’s true that it will not be able to stop the damage but can give amazing protection to reduce the damage. Remember that, once the hair is dead or fully damaged, there is no option for going back. So its better to prevent the damage before it takes place.


It is true that heat protectant cream, gel or serum will reduce your hair damage by heat appliance but can’t stop the damage completely. So it’s better to avoid heating the hair each now and then or over-heating the hair.

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