how to bleach and dye hair in the same day

How to bleach and dye hair in the same day- A Complete Guide

Are you in a dilemma: how to bleach and dye hair in the same day? If so, chill and read the post carefully. For the trendy world, it is a common question. And we hope you won’t be remaining upset more after going through this post.

However, you should go through the full outline of the steps carefully because there have several conditions. If you don’t follow all levels, you can miss any tips that can spoil your all process at a time.

On the other side, you only allow dying hair after bleaching, and it mainly depends on your hair types and root condition.

If you think that your hair is so healthy and can take the pressure both of them, you can prepare to dye the bleached hair on the same day.

Are you ready? So, let’s start.

A few Facts to know

There have a few facts to know as the first step.

You may dye your hair at any time with no spoil tension if the hair just stays in reasonable condition.

Most of the trendy guys dye their hair according to their style and change the color each and every day that is a regular fashion for them.

But the question comes for bleaching. It is a process that removes the recent hair color and highlights the hair fully. So, you have to think about something before bleaching and dyeing hair the same day.

Try to remember some significant points before knowing how to bleach and dye hair.

  1. How many times have you bleached your hair? – You should keep in mind that too much bleaching is also harmful to the hair. If you have bleached your hair for more times, you must have the experience to lose and damage the hair frequently.
  2. How is your hair now? – You must know the real and present condition of your hair. If the hair has any issues like damage problems, you should avoid applying many more chemicals. It must rush the hair much more.
  3. Are you feeling disturbed about the hair loss problem? – Hair loss is a common issue, and if you also have faced the same topic, you should not think about bleaching at least for now. At first, try to fix this concern and then think for bleaching.
  4. Have you dyed the hair before and when? – Have you decorated your hair recently? So, your hair is already carrying the weighty chemical that may be used to make glossy hair. In this case, bleaching won’t bless your hair anyway.  
  5. What is your aim now? – Maybe your current intention is to highlight the hair with the original color. If you desire to dye your hair in white color, you should not do any dying more. You can just use any color according to your choice.

Have you finished the pre-preparation when you are thinking, can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day?

Yes, you can do if the hair is ready. But what should do first bleach or dying? Continue and know which one.

Bleaching the Hair First

bleaching and dyeing hair same day

How to bleach and dye hair in the same day? At first, bleach your hair and then follow the steps to dye the hair at a time.

Step-1: Prepare your hair in the previous night

Have you fixed which day you will go to bleach and dye? So, prepare your hair from the previous night. Use your regular coconut oil the last night.

But use just a little bit oil, and it will work to save your hair from any damage by applying the chemical of bleach. Coconut oil is so much helpful that it fights against any harm and protect your hair even after bleaching.  

Step-2: Manage all essential ingredients

Before starting the processing of bleaching, you have to manage some essential ingredients that will need while bleaching. Some pots, freshwater, perfect tooth’s comb, new hand gloves, and other essential elements will help you during bleaching.

Step-3: Put the perfect clothes

Now you should change your beautiful dress and have to wear old cloth because it’ll worst after bleaching. We know you don’t want to spoil your costly dress anyway.

You may be thinking of wrapping your new cloth with old cloth. Don’t follow in thinking this wrong suggestion because bleaching is a long process where you need to apply much more chemical. There has a good chance to spoil your cloth.

Step-4: Prepare your hair

Comb the hair and prepare them properly. Then decide which part you will want to bleach. We recommend you make the top portion on the side and allow the crown to be unwrapped. If you lighten the crown, it will be highlighted much more that will be so attractive.

Step-5: Mix bleach powder with the developer

Take your selected bleach and mix it with the developer. But confirm that the developer contains the best quality. If you fail to choose the right and the best developer, your hair will ruin so soon, and it can affect the other portion of the hair.

So, find the best brand and price for the most excellent developer. Don’t forget you are going to bleach and dye at the same time.

Step-6: Apply the mixed bleach on the divided hair

Now it is high time to apply the mixer of bleach and developer on the selected portion of hair. Start using the mixer from the roots so that the hair could be light from the root to top.

Use a high comb and apply the mixer smoothly so that it can reach the pros and cons of the hair correctly. Don’t hurry. Take time and skip to use too much.

You should take an interval for 20-minutes after applying the root to the middle. Then you can use it from the center to the top. This interval is useful for both of you and your hair.

Step-7: Wait for Half an hour

After applying the mixture, you must wait for 30 minutes and let the hair be set. So, sit back and just wait for half an hour with full relaxation. But don’t wait for the above minimum 40/45 minutes because it can change the color completely.

Step-8: Wash the mixture away

Finally, wash the mixture. You can use your regular shampoo to wash it. Then apply the conditioner to wash away the chemical of the bleaching. Now get ready to see the magic and say wow.

Dye the Hair after Bleaching

Can I dye my hair after bleaching it the same day? Yes, you can do, but after bleaching, dying hair is a risky process for the hair. So, you should confirm that your hair has no issue and has strength and perfect for dying. 

Then you can follow the below steps to dye your bleached hair at the same time.

Step-1: Dried up the hair

After applying the bleach, you need to wash them. Now you have to dry them properly to dying. But skip using the hairdryer to dry the hair in a hurry. The heat f the hairdryer machine will damage your hair.

Step-2: Decide the dying color

Select your favorite color to dye your hair. Ensure that the color is right and perfect so that it can save your hair from loss and damage.

Besides, we suggest you choose a temporary color because this type of color contains just a few chemicals that won’t be harmful to the hair.

Select the highlighting color that can mix with the bleaching color and make a good combination and attractive.

Step-3: Apply the selected color

Apply the selected color and start it again from the roots. For the first time, apply the color from root to middle gently without any force or pressure. Carefully line up the intensity and use it properly.

Step-4: Use a Wide Comb

During distributing the color, you should use a wide-tooth comb that will work to set the style.

Step-5: Set the color

Let the color sit and wait for it at least 8 to 10 minutes. In this time, the color will spread and set throughout the hair naturally.

Step-6: Wash away the hair

Use the regular shampoo to wash once and finished work avoiding applying the conditioner. 

Step-7: Dry the hair

This is the final step, where you just have to dry your hair correctly. Skip hairdryer and any heat. Don’t use artificial air to dry like a fan. Let the hair dry naturally, and you can use a soft towel to absorb excess water from the hair.

How long does it take to bleach and dye hair? If you have no hurry, you can make an interval for a single day for dying your hair after bleaching. But we recommend you wait for 15-30 days that will be much more effective for the hair. Now all of this will depends on your desire.

Wrap it up!

Hopefully, this post has made a good answer on your inquiry about how to bleach and dye hair in the same day. Here have you got a clear answer to “can you dye your hair right after you bleach it?”

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We think now you will make the right decision about your hair and get the final steps because you now know what you should do.

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