How to get curly hair

How to get curly hair naturally permanently

It is 2020 and curly hair is trending now! Now I am sharing how to get curly hair naturally permanently? A hairstyle, undoubtedly, is a very important part of women’s fashion. With incredible changes coming along our way, taking care of your natural texture and mastering it could give you the change you wish to bring in your look.

A great hairstyle has a huge impact on how one can look. While many women thrive for straight and silky hair, there are always some who prefer curly hair and wish to achieve beautiful, bubbly, and cute curls permanently. If you’re one of them, this article will bring joy to your life. Because, we are going to discuss some incredible ways to make your hair naturally curly.

How to get curly hair naturally permanently proven 11 ways

1. Wash your hair less

Wash your hair less

Washing agents can damage your natural curls. Too much washing can lead to dry, brittle, and frizzy hair. It can also cause great damage to the scalp leading to unhealthy hair. The best way to go for is washing your hair every other day or every three of four days.
You can try washing your hair only with conditioner sometimes. You need to focus on your scalp more when you are using a shampoo. Alternatively, try to use less conditioner in scalp and more on the ends of your hair.

2. Shift to a comb with a wide-tooth

comb with a wide-tooth

Say bye-bye to the hairbrush. Rather than using a thin toothed hairbrush, you should opt for a comb that has a wider tooth. Curly hair is naturally dry and brittle. If you use a thin hairbrush, it forcefully tries to straighten your curls resulting in hair breakage.
Therefore, you must switch to a large-toothed comb. You can comb your hair in parts working gently on your natural curls so they do not get tangled or break. This way, your hair will reflect the beauty of your own, natural curls.

3. Air drying your hair

Air drying your hair

Air drying your hair can do wonders for your natural curls. When you air-dry your hair, they dry naturally keeping your natural textures unharmed. This is what helps when you are concerned about your curls. The real waves of your hair will stay the same. What you can do is, run your fingers gently across the strands so they get enough air and dry quickly.

4. Opt for a microfiber towel or tee shirt

microfiber towel
drying curly hair with t shirt

Another great way to define your curls naturally is to use any of these two – a microfiber towel or tee shirt. While using a towel, you should avoid pressing hard or rubbing your hair to soak water. Rather, cover your hair with the towel, press, and wind gently. If you keep rubbing back and forth, it will make your hair frizzy and brittle.

5. Choose your hair products wisely

Choose your hair products wisely

Products that have sulfate in them can cause harm to your hair and scalp. Sulfate is an extremely active washing agent that damages the curls. It can make your hair quite dry that can cause unwanted breakage and frizz. When you are choosing hair care products, keep an eye for the label that says sulfate-free.

To keep your curls defined and flawless, you can purchase some curl creams. It is wise to avoid oily serums for curly hair. Rather you should choose creams that have a milky formula and that add less weight. You may also go for an anti-humidifying spray, milky gel, whip, or a mask. There are tons of curl friendly products available in the markets. Just choose one according to your choice that will enhance your curls.

Note: If you must use heating tools for styling or anything else, don’t forget to use a heating spray beforehand.

6. Trim your hair regularly

Trim your hair regularly

Trimming your hair regularly also works! You can opt for a hair trim after a month or so. If you choose a hair salon, ask the hairstylist to slightly trim or feather the ends of your hair. It can be done either with a scissor or a razor.

7. Use hair rollers

Use hair rollers

Though it won’t ensure permanent curls, you can achieve amazing curls with the help of hair rollers. It does not concern any heat or electricity. All you need to do is to make some hair rolls, keep them for an ample amount of time, and then subtly assemble them.

The best way to do this is in wet or damp hair. Make sure to use a good conditioner while you wash your hair. You can proceed with combing your hair with a comb that comes with wider tooth so you can get rid of any tangles. Then start rolling your hair and bring it to a roll using the roller. Make several rolls. Wait for fir the hair to dry and voila! Perfectly wavy and natural-looking curls! For better results, try to keep the rollers on overnight. This will keep your curls intact longer.

8. Use of a diffusing spray

Use of a diffusing spray

Many can’t think of a life without blow-drying. If you are one of them, you should use a diffuser while doing so. This will keep your strands hydrated and nourished and help define your curls perfectly.

9. Deep condition your hair

Deep condition your hair

You can try deep conditioning hair treatment at least once a month. This will help lock all the moisture and nourishment in your curls and make them come out prettier. You can get this service through a salon, or you can also try some DIY projects at home.

10. Use a hair setting spray

Use a hair setting spray

Lastly, you can use a hair setting spray before going out. This will keep your style intact and forbid your curls to get frizzy over time. Just create your favorite hairstyle and drench your curls with a good quality, light hold hair setting spray.

11. Go for a hair mousse

Go for a hair mousse

If you want to level up your curl game, go for a curl boosting hair mousse. Mousses can magically change the condition of your curls. The milky, creamy texture of a mousse will enhance the natural texture of your curls and tame any type of frizz. It will also add extra shine and finesse to your already perfect curls making them pop out even more. You need to carefully select the right type of mousse suitable for your hair type.

It creates a caste so your curls call perfectly and look pretty. The soft sensation of the creamy mousse makes it easy to handle your hair. You can use it both as a styling agent or a refreshing cream. You can carry a small bottle in your purse every day long to touch up your curls once or twice. This will help keep your curls intact and beautiful.

Some Key Takewaways

  •  Avoid rubbing you hair with towels or cloth. Only use it to cover and soak the water so that it can’t damage your natural curls.
  •  Avoid using products with sulphate in it. It is bad for both your hair and scalp.
  •  Switch your regular towel with a microfiber towel or tee shirt.
  • Avoid hair brush, use comb with wider tooth.
  •  Visit your hair stylist at least once a month to get your hair trimmed. Also, book a deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

 Avoid using heating tools. But if you do, make sure to use some heating sprays.

Bottom line

All these tips are necessary if you are willing to spend some extra time on your curls. Some of these tips are extremely easy and all you need to do is include them in your habit so your curls get treated properly all the time.

If you have perfectly straight hair, you can curl your hair with a roller and follow the tips to maintain them. This will make your curls last long but it won’t make them permanent. And if you have natural curls already, the mentioned ways will help you make them pop out even more than before, in a beautiful way.

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