How to Keep Hair Dye From Fading

How to Keep Hair Dye From Fading

Hair plays a vital role in people’s confidence and self-image. We spend hours in perfecting life, such as thinking how our hair should look. We always opt for the most suitable haircut, color, and texture.

Besides, we use hair color to bring out a dramatic glaze in our appearance and to make a great impression. When it comes to hair dye, a fundamental question may arise in your mind-How to keep hair dye from fading? Well, we will answer that question for you.

Finding the perfect hair dye is like finding a diamond from the unfathomable depth of the ocean. You do not expect your pretty new hair dye to stay around for a few days after spending a considerable amount of time and money. Nothing can be more shocking than watching your unique trending hair color fading after one week.

So, you need to take a little extra attention if you want your hair dye to last long and away from fading. Here, we assist you with our experience that we have gathered over the years regarding how to keep hair dye from fading. 

How to maintain hair color at home?

If you can’t travel to a salon for a touch-up, you may feel desirous to do some dyestuff treatment to avoid the fading of your color. Another problem is that everyone does not have the proper equipment. Even they have, they dare to cover roots or bleach locks due to their past failure. That’s why we are here to present useful tips so that you can easily maintain your hair color at home.

Now your at-home experience will be like a professional salon work with our tips. 

Try a Root Cover-Up

If you notice some roots are growing up, you can go for a temporary root concealer. Before trying it, you must check what was the original color of the hair. Then you should select your color depending upon the color of your hair. Various types of Root Cover Up are available in the market, and you can pick one according to your choice. 

Tone Down Brassiness

Hair color becomes dull and brassy due to exposure to pollution, UV rays, hot shower water, etc. There are different types of shampoo and conditioner, which will help you to refresh your color without causing any damage. They neutralize yellow tone for blondes and any unwanted red hues for brunettes. You can quickly tone down the brassiness of your hair at home by applying those. 

Use a hair gloss or glaze 

Glosses or toners mostly bring back life to your damaged hair. They improve the texture of the hair and add shine by taking away dullness. Besides, they remove all sorts of unwanted tones and enrich the existing color by deepening the color. You may ask your colorist for the best hair gloss to use at home. You should be careful while using it as it can change the real color of your hair. 

Some extra suggestions: 

  • Heated hair tools must be avoided as much as possible.
  • Exposure to the sun should not be prolonged.
  • Try to follow a healthy diet to stimulate hair growth.
  • Newly dyed hair should be washed at least after 24 hours. 
  • Clean the hair before applying the color. 

How to keep semi-permanent hair dye from fading?

Semi-permanent hair dye causes less damage to your hair. Moreover, they are easy to apply and can be fixed if you mess up with it. The negative aspect of semi-permanent hair color is that it fades out very quickly with the number of washes. It gets duller every time you wash your hair. So, a query may emerge-How to keep hair dye from fading?

You can quickly solve the problem if you change some traits in your regular activities. The following steps will assist you in making it useful. 

Step 1

Don’t wash your hair before applying the semi-permanent color. It would be better if you wait at least 48 hours for dyeing since you did the last shampoo. Our scalp naturally excretes oil that will be helpful for the attachment of the temporary dye to your hair and make it lasts for a longer time. Besides, the chemicals cannot harm your scalp due to the presence of the oil.

Step 2

Keep patience for at least 24 to 48 hours after applying the dye. Don’t use shampoo, conditioner, or get your hair wet for this period. If you wash your hair too early, the color will get faded faster. Apply a gentle shampoo followed by a conditioner when you remove your dyed hair. 

Step 3

Use lukewarm or cold water to rinse the shampoo or conditioner from your hair because hot water fades the color faster.

Step 4

Don’t wash your hair daily with shampoo and water, as it will fade the semi-permanent dye. You should wash your hair twice a week to retain the color longer. If you apply sulfate-free shampoo, the color will stay for a more extended period. Besides, you can use dry shampoo. 

Step 5

After using shampoo, apply a deep conditioner or repair mask for your dyed hair once per week. Comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb, and strictly follow the instructions provided with the product that you are applying for a better conditioning treatment. 

Step 6

Avoid chlorinated and saltwater because they will damage your hair dye faster. You must use a swimming cap to protect your hair dye from being fading away while swimming in the pools or the ocean.  

Step 7

You should apply a color-protecting serum before getting exposed to UV rays of the sun. You can also wear a hat or a scarf to cover your head while going outside.

How to keep vibrant hair color from fading?

If you want to transform your style by customizing your hair color, some bewildering questions will peep through the window of your mind. You will be wondering about how to maintain highlighted hair or how to keep purple hair color from fading. You will get all of your answers, including how to stay vibrant hair color from fading while reading this article. Here are some tips for you: 

1. Go to a professional hair colorist: 

The reason for going to a professional hair colorist is that the stylist has better access to the latest professional hair color products. They have the expertise to use the color in the best way to get the best results.

2. Follow a smart way of shampooing: 

Most shampoos fade the dye of your hair, so apply a shampoo that will not harm the color. If you want to keep your vibrant hair color from fading, just say “no” to the sulfate enriched shampoo. You will find different types of sulfate-free shampoos that help to lock the color in your shinny locks. Wear a shower cap on your no-shampoo days.

3. Apply dry shampoo:

If you don’t like to put an end to your vibrant hair color, avoid your daily shampoo. Applying dry shampoo is easier. You have just to spray the powdered shampoo on your roots, wait for five to ten minutes, and then brush it out.

4. Avoid using heating tools:

If you frequently use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron, it will fade your bright hair color. So, be careful while using these tools and use the heat-protective spray before using the heating tools. 

5. Go for a moisturizing hair mask:

Do you use face masks to get brighter and healthier skin? If your answer is yes, you can do the same thing for your color-treated hair. A moisturizing hair mask will make your vibrant color shinier and healthier. Besides, it extends the life span of your color. Apply one or two times a week for the perfect result. 

6. Use Strengthening hair care products: 

Strong hair is a sign of healthy hair. Healthy hair can hold color better. Thus, to prevent your bright color from fading away, you should use strengthening hair care products. They will repair and nourish your hair. 

7. Escape the sunlight: 

Sunlight produces UV rays that are harmful to our skin and hair. UV rays destroy color pigment of hair and fasten the fading process. It will be wise to wear a hat or a scarf when you go under sunlight. 

Keep Your Hair Protected & Healthy

To us hair matters a lot as it expresses the identity we expect others to perceive. We tend to reveal our inner soul by adding dye to hair, but it can damage the natural look of our hair at the same time if not applied properly.

Besides, the color gets faded over time. Therefore, you need to take extra care if you don’t want your color to fade away. Our tips mentioned above will help you a lot in this respect. Now we think your very fundamental question about how to keep hair dye from fading is now resolved. It’s time to dye your lovely hair and create your favorite look.

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