how to use conditioner

How to use conditioner to your hair

how to use conditioner for short and long hair

Hey, are you thinking about proper hair care? And want to know how to use conditioner to your hair the right way? So, you are the right place now where we are going to share with some tips on it.

Today we will represent more information on the right use of the conditioner. You will be surprised to know a few tips that you may miss during the hair wash.

Using conditioner correctly is the key to make the hair full of strong, soft, smooth and shiny.

So, here we will share how to deep condition hair with the regular condition.

Effective steps to use conditioner to your hair

How to use conditioner to your hair 1
how to use conditioner

There are a few tips on how to use conditioner your hair properly. Let’s try to know them from this piece of writing.


Select the right conditioner:

Just after rinsing out the shampoo, a conditioner is a regular job in our life. But, indeed, that every conditioner isn’t good for every type of hair. All conditioner don’t work equally for all types of hair such as damaged hair, curly hair, colored hair, frizzy hair, dry hair, fine hair, or lank hair. There has a specific conditioner that needs to help each type of hair. So, selecting the right conditioner as your hair types is so important to get a desirable result. 


Wash hair properly:

Before applying conditioner washing with the help of shampoo is essential. Give a good scrubbing to the scalp with your favorite shampoo. Wash your hair and focus on the washing power on the scalp. Don’t pull the wet hair because it can be the main cause of the more damage.


Wash out the shampoo:

Every time try to use warm water to wash out the shampoo. It can save your hair from damage. Avoid hot water anytime. Wash out the shampoo perfectly so your hair will prepare to apply the conditioner.


Wringing the hair:

Drenched hair is not ideal for good conditioning. Any branded conditioner you will apply, it will runoff. It can’t stick long enough to affect the hair. If you have short hair you shouldn’t be wringing. But when your hair is long, you just need enough time to water out and prepare for applying conditioner.


Know the applying method:

Most of the people make a common mistake with the conditioner that they don’t know the perfect applying method of the conditioner. At first, know the proper way to apply the conditioner. Wrong application method can make the scalp oilier and it can damage the scalp and the hair quickly.

Conditioners supply the essential nourishment to the locks of hair. So apply the conditioner from the ends of the hair instead of the scalp. It works well. You must need to know, how often should you condition your hair? You must use conditioner regularly but not daily.


Apply the conditioner:

Pour a crumb of conditioner into the palm and then apply it to every strand that you are capable of. Try to use the conditioner to the ends of the hair to get a better result. The quantity of conditioner depends on the length of your hair. If you have a long hair you need a whole palm-full of conditioner. Besides the amount of hair, you must need enough conditioner.


Leave the conditioner to set:

This is an optional point. How long have you to wait, it depends on your conditioner. But you must leave the condition after applying to set. It helps to improve the health of the hair. If you wash immediately, it can’t work well. After applying the conditioner wash the face and neck. And, wait for a while then rains off the hair perfect way. Then enjoy a silky hair after dry the hair.


Wash the conditioner:

Apply the conditioner is not enough to get the fine hair. The proper way to wash the conditioner after waiting is also important. To wash the conditioner must use the cold water. It helps you to make healthier hair. Wash the hair till no feeling slimy in the hair. Now your hair is set to wring out and your conditioning has done.

how to use conditioner
Wash the conditioner


What is deep conditioning?

Deep conditioning is a process of treating, restoring or healing the hair with the protein-based conditioner. It is a fundamental process between shampooing and styling the hair.

How to deep condition hair? Yes, for deep conditioning you must select such a deep conditioner that is formulated specially for a deep treatment. The deep conditioner contains extra moisturizer to tread and to ensure the strong plus healthy hair.

How to use a deep conditioner to your hair?

how to use conditioner
use conditioner

There are a few differences between the use of regular conditioning system and the deep conditioning system. How to deep condition curly hair? In the below, you can get the right answer to it.

·        Select the right deep conditioner:

The main aims of all the deep conditioners are to repair the damage or dry hair perfectly. But, there has not available various types of deep conditioner in the market. Deep conditioner specially depends on the brand. So, find out the deep conditioner and then apply it according to the instruction of it.

·        Wet the hair:

Wet the hair with warm or cool water. Before applying the deep conditioner you must wash the hair with the use of regular shampoo. Then apply the selected deep conditioner rightly.

·        Use the deep conditioner:

Scoop the perfect amount of conditioner from the container on the palm of your hand. Apply them to the entire head. But keep in mind to apply on the ends of the hair. Try to spread it into the whole roots of the hair.

How to deep condition hair with regular conditioner? When you ask it we say you to add a few ingredients to use deep conditioner with regular conditioner. For this, it isn’t essential o pick separate conditioner if you have regular conditioner.

·        Leave it to set:

As a normal conditioning system, you also let it sets and wait for a while. You can use a shower cap to rest and keep the face away. It needs 15-20 minutes to set and then it works well. If you want you can use a hairdryer on warm to set the conditioner properly.

·        Wash it the right way:

Take out the shower cap and use cold or cool water to wash out the conditioner. Take 3-4 minutes to wash it in the right way. Wash the hair no longer feels slimy. You must remove all of the conditioners. Now your hair is ready to get any style that you want.

·        Most key point:

Deep conditioner can’t work magically. It is a slow process. It can’t work instantly and this process has more advantages. So, you must continue it regularly but not daily. Make a plan and apply this process regularly to make your hair healthier.

  • How to deep condition hair with coconut oil?

From the ancient age, coconut oil has been used as a deep conditioner. Use hot coconut oil therapy to make your hair healthier and softer. Hot oil massage before a shampoo can work as a conditioner and it good for better blood circulation.

  •  How to deep condition hair after bleaching?

Avoid shampooing after bleaching at least 24-48 hours. Apply the intensive hair treatment to save the hair from damage. Use a hair mask to give right nourishment in the hair. Some of the deep conditioners contain essential oil. For better result, after bleaching, this conditioner will well and use them for 15 minutes only.


Benefits of deep condition hair naturally?

how to use conditioner
hair conditioner benefits

Try to know more hair conditioner benefits, how to deep condition hair naturally?

·        Avoid hair damage:

Deep conditioning is one of the most significant processes to avoid the hair damage or dry. It helps to keep lock the natural moisturizer of hair. It assists to improve the healthy hair. Maintaining regular deep conditioning will help you to maintain healthy and beautiful silky hair.

·        Prevent breakage:

Dry hair can break but we can’t want to hear breakage word. To prevent breakage you will need to moisturize and nourish the hair. Only the deep conditioning process permits to improve the flexibility of the hair. It also can prevent breakage and help to get healthy hair.

·        Return expected shine:

Sometimes our hair loses the natural shine for some reason. Deep conditioning only helps your hair to return your expected shine and nutrition. It helps to smooth the hair.

·        Treat the color hair:

Most of the time, we color our hair for style or fashion. Here the color uses some chemical that is not good for our hair. Don’t worry, you can color your hair as you wish but maintain deep conditioning regularly to keep your hair healthy after coloring.

·        Preserve moisturizer:

For healthy and strong hair moisturizer is the key. Dryness and dandruff are the main problems that we can suffer from dry scalp. Deep conditioner helps us to remove dryness and keep a moisturizer in the hair.

Proper hair conditioner tips:

how to use conditioner
how to use conditioner

You have already learned about the advantages of the deep conditioner on the hair. Now let’s try to know a few tips to use the conditioner properly.

  • Maintain a regularity to use deep conditioner but avoid daily use.
  • Avoid over conditioning.
  • Apply the deep conditioner on damp hair.
  • Focus on the ends of the hair.
  • Read the ingredients before picking the conditioner.
  • Add natural additional components or herbal treatments when you apply a deep conditioner.
  • Use heat to apply a deep conditioner but avoid microwave to heat.
  • Don’t use excess water during applying conditioner.
  • Use cool water that needs to keep a moisturizer in the healthy hair.

FAQ of deep conditioner use

1. How to use conditioner as a hair mask?

The hair mask is very important to make your health healthy and strong. But at a time buying shampoo, conditioner and mask will not possible most of us. So, if you don’t have enough money or don’t want to buy a hair mask, need not worry.

Use the conditioner as a hair mask and it works well. Just apply the conditioner on the wet hair as a normal way. Wait for an hour to set and then rains off using cool or cold water. Now enjoy your healthy and nice hair.

2. Can we apply hair mask after oiling?

No, applying a hair mask after oiling is not a good idea. If you oil your hair before applying a hair mask, the hair soaks the oil and it can’t able to soak the hair mask. So it is better to apply a hair mask after washing the hair properly to remove dirt or oil.

3. How do you deep condition your hair at home?

Dry and frizzy hair is one of the greatest problem some of us. For this type of hair using deep condition at home with natural ingredients is better. They can use Shea butter, tea tree oil, yogurt, aloe Vera, honey or hot oil therapy.

4. How long should you deep condition hair?

A deep conditioner is essential to hydrate the hair. So, as much as possible you should leave the hair after applying the conditioner. It helps you to get the full benefit of the conditioner. When you use it as a hair mask, you can leave it for the just time or an hour.

5. What does a deep conditioning treatment do to your hair?

When are you thinking to return your natural hair shine with a healthy-looking, deep conditioner treatment is right for you? A deep conditioner is essential to remove dry or damaged hair. It can lock the moisturizer of the hair.

6. Can I use regular conditioner to deep condition my hair?

There are a few differences between the regular conditioner and the deep conditioner. Regular conditioner is a normal conditioner that is designed to quickly replace the moisturizer in the hair. But if you need a deep conditioner, you should add some ingredients with the regular conditioner. It helps the regular conditioner to shift into the deep conditioner.

7. Can you deep condition dirty hair?

No way, it isn’t possible. Dirty hair isn’t allowed to apply the deep conditioner or regular conditioner. The key method to apply deep conditioner is that the hair should clean without any dirt or oil. If you use a deep conditioner on dirty hair, it will a wrong process and you can’t any benefit from it.

8. What happens if you leave the conditioner in your hair overnight?

For marketing, many advertisers say that you can leave the conditioner in your hair overnight. But it is a shocking suggestion for your hair. It makes you very hard and fizzy instead of making healthy or smooth. So, avoid this advice and follow the correct instruction.


Conditioner after the shampoo is an ideal method for healthy hair. We know about it. After that, today we here share how to use conditioner witha few tips that may be unknown to you. We think the whole piece of writing will success if the unknown point is useful to you. If you think this article is also useful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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