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5-Best Professional product reviews for long nails

5-Best Professional product reviews for long nails

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Long nails are a great desire for all modern women. But, most of the women don’t have a long nail naturally. If you are facing the same problem, this article is for you. It is an amazing review for girls or women who love to take care of their nails properly.

To get healthier and natural nails, you should start trying the nails growth product which worked regularly. Let’s see the bottom of this article if you find out the more tips and tricks on how nails grow within a short time.

We come with here more useful information and top professional a few products reviews which help you to get lovely, natural, and the longest nails easily. So, read it at the end and discover the right product for your nails plus get more tips for long fingernails.

Top picks for long nails

1. AORAEM 500pcs Lady French Acrylic Style Artificial False Nails (Natural).

Product summary:

If you don’t have the longest nails naturally, you can use long fake nails or artificial nails to look nice your hands. But, you should select the best false nails so you won’t fall any trouble like an infection. For this reason, we pick the best one in our list such as AORAEM 500pcs French Acrylic False nails.

This product was launched with high-quality ABS materials, and it is thick and strong. It can last long about 2-3 weeks, and it comes with no toxic so it won’t do any harm your nails.

It offers 10 different sizes and 50 nails which can be used with any suitable size, and they can fit on your every fingernail. It allows you to apply colorful paint, beautiful polish easily which look like natural nails.


  • Nail size: 10.
  • Nail quantity: 50
  • Materials: ABS.
  • Individual number: 0-9
  • Color: natural


  • High-quality materials.
  • Long lasting nails.
  • Variable size.
  • A trusted brand for professional nail salon.


  • A lot of curves which can be made a little bit problem to use.

Why does it differ from others?

Now ask me, why should you pick it? And, what does it differ from other false nails?  Yes, I have an answer to your questions. It differs from others because it contains high-quality ABS materials. It is the first choice of every professional nail salon. It can be used last long. You can decorate it with no harm and much more of it. So, you can pick it closing your eyes.

2. AORAEM 500pcs Lady French Acrylic Style Artificial False Nails (Clear).

Product summary:

When you decided to use fake nails, you must think which one will better for your nails, which one will be the best without any harm? I have the answer to your questions. You must pick AORAEM 500pcs Lady French Acrylic Style Artificial False Nails with full confidence. It is fully trustable brand and the best long fake nails.

These fake nails are the strongest and well designed with highly moderate plus thickness like ‘U’ shape. You can adjust it with your nail size and decorate it with your dress up. It comes with long lasting features which are the greatest find for you. You can fit it easily. Just take the proper size and apply glue to fit. Wait for 1 or 2 hours to dry them perfectly. Now they are ready to decorate as your choice.


  • Nail size: 10
  • Nail quantity: 50
  • Individual number: 0-9
  • Color: clear.
  • Lasting time: 2-3 weeks.


  • Long lasting.
  • High-quality.
  • Variable size.
  • Easy to file and shape.


  • Nothing to be more to mention.

Why does it differ from others?

This brand fake nails look like natural. Most of the nail art lover and professional nail salon listed it as their great product because it contains high-quality material. As a result, most of the women or girls want to use it with no worry. Many women use it at home easily because they can apply it simply with glue and they need not cut it to give any shape.

3. ECBASKET 500PCS Coffin Nails Ballerina Fake Nail.

Product summary:

Are you looking DIY nail art which you can use at home simply? So, ECBASKET 500PCS Coffin Nails Ballerina Fake Nail is only for you. Every professional nail salon also likes it for its high-quality aspects for their regular customer.

This is a fake nail, but it looks like natural nails. This nail package comes with 10 sizes which you can fit on your nail easily. You can get long nail tips from this fake nail pack. It just comes with guaranteed quality which can be used with no pressure on the nails. It is available with various sizes and a perfect length. It just a perfect DIY home nails which can be used in any occasions.


  • Color: Natural, clear, and white.
  • Materials: ABS
  • Long lasting: 1-3 weeks.
  • Shape: Full cover coffin nails.
  • Occasion: Home, spa. Wedding, salon and so on.


  • Durable and light.
  • Available with pre-numbered.
  • No toxic, no smell, no harm.


  • Nothing to be mentioned.

Why does it differ from others?

This is an amazing long natural nail. It is a special package for most of the women for its high-quality materials. It is the best coffin nails, and it is perfect as a gift for your girlfriends or your wife. It is perfect for any occasion like a spa, wedding ceremony. You can get it with available color and size; as a result, you don’t face any problem to fix it.

4. Kiss Products Everlasting French Toenail Limitless Kit.

Product summary:

Most of the famous brand kiss brings everlasting French Toenails limitless kits for the women and girls who are the long nails lover. It is easy to file and shape. Just glue and go. It is available with high-quality and many size plus color.

This branded nail pack is suitable for every women or girl who wants to get a natural long nail at home. Most of the professional nail salons keep it to use for their customer. It works well, and it comes with long lasting aspects.


  • Color: Natural.
  • Size: 12 sizes.
  • Quantity: 24 nails.
  • Materials: High-quality ABS.
  • Lasting: 7 days.
  • Occasion: wedding, home, spa, and so on.


  • Short length.
  • No toxic.


  • Short lasting than others in this list.

Why does it differ from others?

You can choose it for your stylish nail. It will perfect for you because it can be used with no harm at least 7 days. You can use it easily with no trouble. You need just glue to fit it on your real nails. It looks like natural nails. The nails of this pack are strong and thick which can be file and shaped simply. It is light and breathable to use. So, choose the perfect size of your nails and fit it with glue simply.

5. Fake Acrylic Nails Coffin Clear ECBASKET Full Cover Ballerina Artificial False Nail.

Product summary:

Fake Acrylic Nails Coffin Clear ECBASKET Full Cover Ballerina Artificial False Nail is the fantastic long nail. It contains high-quality ABS materials. ABS is a kind of materials which is a green environmental material, and it needs to make the nails breathable and light. As a result, you can use it easily and comfortably.

You can fit the size in your nails plus this pack of fake nails contains no bad smell, no toxic, and no harm. This is a more advanced level nail which has coffin shaped design. This is a popular fake nail in the whole world, and it named as Ballerina Nails also. It is just perfect for all types of function.


  • Shape: Full cover coffin nails.
  • Color: natural and clear.
  • Pack: 10 sizes, and 50 pcs.
  • Material: High-quality ABS.
  • Individual number: 0-9


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Long lasting.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Various sizes and a perfect length.


  • Nothing to be mentioned,

Why does it differ from others?

It is different from other fake nails because it was brought by the famous brand. It contains a full pack size with 10 sizes and 50 pcs. It assures you the guaranteed quality with no smell, no harm, and no toxic. Overall it comes with ABS materials, and you can use it long lasting about 1-3 weeks. It is suitable for any occasion or as a gift for your close person. It is better than other brands which ensure the safety of your nails.

FAQ for long nails:

Is it good to have long nails?

Every one of us knows that nails are the most part of our body. So, we should take care of them like other organs. But we are all special women like to get long red nails to look gorgeous and stylish. It is good for some time not for long. Every time artificial is not good. You can use fake nails for a short time, but you must avoid it for a long time. It can damage your nail at one time.

What makes your nails grow faster?

There are various treatment, supplement or serums which help you to grow your nails and they also make the nails healthier plus stronger. When your nails become stronger, they will not break, crack, or spilled. Besides, you can apply more long nails tips & tricks to grow your nail faster.

  1. High protein food: Try to add more high protein food in your daily food list such as fish, nuts, beans, egg yolk, and so much more. They assist your nails to grow faster.
  2. Proper nail care: Only proper nail care can help your nails to grow, healthy, and strong. If you want to get healthy nails. You must avoid gel manicure and other harmful false nails. They can damage your nails very soon.
  3. Proper use of nail polish: It is true that nail polish saves your nail from damage or breaking. But extra toxic also very harmful for your nails.

How long does it take for nails to dry?

Before apply nail polish or false nails, you must clean your nails properly and then wait a minimum of 1 or 2 hours to dry them perfectly. But when you apply nail polish, you need 1 or 2 hours for complete dry. On the contrary, many nail polishes give you a short time to dry.

How to apply fake nails?

Before applying fake nails, you must know how to apply them perfectly. For example:

  • At first, file and clean your nails smoothly.
  • Then, pick the accurate size fake nails for every finger.
  • Use better glue to nails.
  • Try to apply a thin layer of glue to nails.
  • Starting press on and hold for a few seconds.
  • File & shape your new nails if you want.
  • Lastly, start on your nail art job.

How do nails grow?

If you want to grow your nails, you just follow a few tips such as:

  1. Apply cuticle oil daily to repair and nourish your nails which help them to grow stronger.
  2. It is a very good idea if you keep supplement in your diet with vitamin-B.
  3. Folic Acid contains vitamin – B9 which assist in repairing and multiplies the cells which constitute your nails. It is essential to grow and promote overall nail health.



When you want to get your desirable long nails, we recommended you to pick any package from the following reviews. They are all of them are the best fake nails which you can get affordable. They are also durable, light, harmless, and no toxic which is also easy to file.

However, hopefully, the information with a few important reviews in this will help you to get a better look of your long nails. If you want to grow your nails faster and stronger, you can also follow the tips. So, don’t late, just go and take the false nails to get long natural nails smoothly.

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