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The Keys to Have Forever Beautiful, Natural Nails!

Natural Nails! How to keep your nails beautiful

Natural Nails

Beautiful Natural Nails are not difficult. You don’t need to be spending tons of money! Nor do you need to give on your whole time! Some simple tips to include in your beauty regime is all you need to do. It’s time to rock with strong and pretty nails!

Moisturizing Is A Rule!

You will spend so much time properly massaging the moisturizes in your face and hand. Why don’t you go a little bit more and apply some on your nails and cuticle as well?

You can’t imagine what much goodness this will bring to your nails after a couple of months. Using sanitizer and hand wash are good reasons to dry your nails. Rubbing a few drops of coconut oil or your regular moisturizer into your nails can bring you pretty looking nails.

Don’t Neglect Your Cuticles!

When you go for a manicure, never cut down your cuticles. This nail art is usually the reason for bacteria not getting into your nails. Sometimes cutting the cuticle can bring you unwanted infections that are quite painful. Try pushing them back after moisturizing. Use a cuticle pusher to do so. Just get rid of the dead pieces.

Polishes can damage a lot to your cuticles. A real convention trick is using a few drops of olive oil or almond oil before applying nail polish. Dab these and moisten them before every use.

Say No to Harsh Polishes!

Most of the cheap nail polishes nowadays will come with really harmful toxin chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, diethyl phthalates, formaldehyde, camphor, and dimethyl.

You can try nail polishes form some reliable brands such as Revlon, OPI, Sally Hasen, Orly that comes with hatful chemical-free production. Be sure to check out the label properly. Go for polishes that are water-based. These will not last long. However, for a safer route, these are the best.

Make sure you carry these safe polishes with you when going for a manicure to your favorite saloon. They may not come up with the safest choice. Better you have your own.

Buffing Looks Much Better Than Color!

Do you know, a bit of buffing can give you a really cool chick look, better than the color even. It also goes a long way! You just need to trim patiently, file and buff your pretty nails. The end results will make you glow.

Avoid ever trying buff with back forth motion. These are the main reason sometimes to weaken your nails. Start from the outside edge and go inwards always.

Run Away from Harsh Removers!

Never try harsh and too toxic removers for nail polish. Try removers that come without acetone. Usually, these are less harsh on your nail and do less damage also.

There is a remover from Priti that comes with corn and soy crafting. Also, you can go for all-natural removers containing elements such as fruit acid and vanilla. No-Miss has one.

Gill-Deacon Nail Strengthening Custom!

There is a really cool book by Gill Deacon. It comes with an excellent recipe of nail strengthening treatment.

You need to mix one teaspoon of wheat germ oil, two teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of castor oil into a bowl. Store this into a sealed bottle. Grab a coin size amount to rub onto your nails. One bottle can go good for up to thirty applications. See the magic!

Healthy Diet is The Answer!

Healthy nails will come once you include healthy food into your diet. You’ll see a change in your whole body in fact. Elements such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, zinc, and calcium are best for nail care.

These natural elements can help your nails with getting rid of white spot and ridges, building strength, preventing dullness and dryness along with many other benefits. Make sure you keep yourself enough hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Trimmed Nails Look Great!

Today keeping natural looking, shorter nails are the hottest trend. After all neat and trimmed nails are not at all artificial to look at. Trim your nails with a routine.

This can keep your nails away from breaking and snagging problems. Also, the more you trim, the better the growth it will have. Try fine filing for smooth edges after each trim. Get some light buffing done after every manicure session. This is a must for girls who are prone to ridges.

Keep Your Nail Tools Clean!

Some women do not care about the tools they use for their nails. These tools have direct contact with your nails. Can you imagine what amount of bacterial growth and germ build up it goes through for avoiding a good clean up?

Always use some anti-bacterial cleanser to clean the manicure tools regularly. Let your nails stay under safety.


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3 Natural Nails Maintaining Products!

Let me review some of my favorite nail goodies that are each really awesome. Try these out if you want to maintain your nails naturally with some affordable products. I’ll review these for better understanding.


Do you want a one in all kit that can give you healthy natural nails from first use? Get this kit from Onsen. It comes with professional filler for the smooth surface of each nail. Also, the buffing block gives better flatness. You get strong cuticles that are nourished and conditioned properly using this go-to kit.

It comes with healing water from Japan. These ingredients are sacred for gifting you with pretty nails in no time. You will love the cuticle cream included that is the answer to natural looking nails. This cream can also give you better nail growth and strength by regular use.

The kit comes with therapeutic benefits. So, you get a spa-like experience at home for nice nails easily. It gives shine and ditches the damage without costing you a lot. Every girl will love the efficiency of such a kit for sure.

The two-month satisfaction guarantee is a relief for new users. Just try and see the benefits with your own eyes.


  • The cuticle cream is very nourishing.
  • Files and shapes perfectly.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Increases nail growth.
  • Conditions pretty well.


  • Packaging needs improvement.


Onsen is a great cuticle serum that comes with natural and organic ingredients to give your beautiful nails the pampering it deserves. You would love your grown nails with the serum’s nourishing effect after a few days.

The oil and cream repair formula are meant for people who need an answer to the very basic question, how to grow strong nails. This one oz. amount of product can give the extra strength for better growing and conditioning.

It can also benefit damaged edges and give you the manicure effect after using for several days. Include this to your regular beauty regime and see how effectively you discover nice nails belonging to you.

It comes with some hot spring minerals. The rich Japanese formula gives you the soothing and pampering effect like never before.

Also, the high concentration oil gives cuticle proper nourishment. Use it before bedtime and see healthy cuticles next day. It is proven to give instant results.


  • Comes with remarkable healing properties.
  • The instant result with cuticle cream.
  • Nourishes deep down your nail.
  • Strengthens nail for repairing the damage.
  • Come with lots of organic elements.


  • Packaging sometimes leaks.


This Onsen nail buffer is known to provide a magical shine right after you use it. The professional nail care tool can simply solve problems for coarse and damaged nails. You get a soft and silky surface right after.

This helps to increase blood circulation really nice. You get better and healthy nails once you add this regime into your bedtime night care.

These 3 aided nail care tools also get rid of nasty scars or marks that nail polish and removers leave. You would enjoy the beauty of clean and smooth nails every day.

Also, it helps to increase nail growth by adding extra shine to your surface. It comes with a simple three-step agenda that can give you spa-like glow after every time.

This professional nail buffer is a great essential tool to add if you really love your nails and want to keep it shiny forever.


  • Needs only three steps.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • It gets rids of ridges.
  • Strengthens the nail.
  • A portable mini manicure set.


  • Too harsh buffing can lead to scratches.


Caring for natural nails are really easy. You just need to be concerned and gentle with your nails. Some very basic beauty rules can keep your nails healthy and beautiful forever. Try these products if you want to pamper them a bit professionally. After all, who does not like the extra shine and healthy glow over their pretty nails?

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