Can I apply a semi-permanent hair color after bleaching

Are you thinking, can you use a semi-permanent hair color after bleaching or not? It’s a common question most of the smart guys who love to style their hair forever and a day. You are thinking about this because the extra chemical can damage your hair, and maybe you will lose your hair.

In this post, we try to give the right answer to your questions and provide a few tips on applying semi-permanent hair color. Continue and get an excellent answer with tips within a short time.

1. What is semi-permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color or dye is a short term hair dye changes. This hair color coats the surface of the hair shaft than fundamentally changing the hair color. This job makes an easy-on/off solution, and it can be mixed to build several colors and also shades.

Advantages of semi-permanent hair color

There are several benefits of semi-permanent hair color, like:

  • The color is a high-quality cream base that works as a hair mask.
  • This color can last long for 6-8 weeks.
  • Vibrant color that is mixable to make your favorite custom shade.
  • It is free from ammonia and peroxide that works to save your hair from damage.
  • The cream holds sunflower extract that well-off in vitamin A, C, and E to condition.
  • Essential oil ingredients will work to keep your hair warm.
  • The base cream is vegan as well as cruelty-free.
  • Take a short time to set on the hair; just 30 minutes may need to set after application.

2. How long can it last?

The most semi-permanent dye can last for 6-8 weeks, and blues or green can last longer than others. When the color fades little by little after each washing, you can think the beauty fade out day by day.

If you want to avoid this situation and want to retain the longevity of the color of you, you should wash the hair using color, protecting shampoo and conditioner. Finally, you have to apply color-protecting basic coverage after washing your hair that will need to save the hair against heat styling, and they will help keep the hair from fading up very soon.

3. Can I apply a semi-permanent hair color after bleaching?

You can do and use a semi or even demi hair color after bleached hair, but, indeed, it won’t act longer, just like a temporary color. On unwrap, an insecure stream of the hair, the temporary color will be converted into permanent. Any color can be conditioning to the hair without damaging.

Just keep in mind that it can clutch so faster than the stated improvement time that you have given into the instructions. You should move quickly with the color and cover the hair’s length at first and leave the last part.

Check the hair often and don’t desire to the left with makeup on end.     

Why semi-permanent color?

You are allowed to apply semi-permanent color over highlights, and it works for less hair damage. But, you have to remember one thing: that, according to the porosity of the hair, semi color will work as much like a permanent one if you desire to change the hair color time and again.

It can be safe if you color your hair without using any developer. Semi-color coat is the layer of the outside of the hair that is a glossy color.

What should do before semi-permanent coloring?

Use deep conditioner one week before applying your hair color. If the hair is so dry and brittle, you need to add a few moisturizers that work on drying the hair strands with a deep rich conditioner. If you notice some breakage, try to nourish and repairing treatment that needs to strengthen your hair.

What should do after semi-permanent coloring?

After applying the color on the hair, you have to use regular shampoo with conditioner and your favorite styling products or color-treated hair products.

These hair color treatment products will keep the hair color fresh and help maintain health and strengthen hair every time.

4. How to apply semi-permanent hair dye

How to apply the semi-permanent hair color? It is an easy and safe process that comes with several bright and bold colors. If you are paying attention in a little more bold to look, semi-permanent will right for you.

Below have a few steps that will need to apply the color that should just follow carefully.

Select the right color to dye your hair


Find your favorite color.

Hundreds and thousands of brands and different colors for semi-permanent dye are available in the market. Pick the best color matching your wardrobe or try to select the color that most flattering for eye and skin tone.


Bleach the hair before dyeing

Bleach before dyeing is essential because it makes the hair brighter and allows for all hair types. If your hair is darker, you must have to bleach at first though it is not safe your hair.


Do a patch test

A patch test is needed to check allergens, and, naturally, you can do at home. This step is very significant for sensitive skin. If you go straight for dyeing without checking, you can feel itchy on the scalp and loss your hair permanently.

  • Take a little of color on a cotton pad and apply it on the skin, which is not so sensitive.
  • Leave the dye at least for 1 hour to test
  • Remove and rinse the dye from the skin.
  • Wait at least another 48 hours so that you can understand the dye correctly.
  • After 48 hours of waiting, if you fill itchy or redness on your applied skin, you have to avoid this dye. If you feel disturbing, try to wash the surface using soap and cold water imminently.

Apply color on the surface of your hair

How to apply semi-permanent hair dye


Prepare your hair before dyeing

Wash the hair using shampoo and dry the hair naturally completely. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry the hair because it won’t work well for the hair and can damage it.


Save the skin and clothes

When semi-permanent color wash out of hair and they can difficult to remove from another material. The semi-permanent dye is easy to clean from the skin using a scrubbing, but it needs a few days.

  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind for blooming
  • Put an old or useless towel on the floor where you will work with dye
  • Wear the hand gloves
  • Use petroleum jelly on the skin so that color can’t be fixed on the outside surface.


Place the selected color

Now you can dye your hair the same shade or apply your creativity.

  • Dye your highlights area.
  • Try for dip dye for this; divide the hair for several parts and dye them from the root to end of the hair finely.
  • Two or three colors can be mixed, but they have to come from the same brand.


Apply semi-permanent hair color

Apply semi-permanent hair color
Apply semi-permanent hair color

Apply your selected semi-permanent hair color on bleached hair following the below steps:

  • If you ready to dye the whole head, you should use your hand. Apply the color, just like you are applying the shampoo on your hair. If your hair is longer, divide it for several parts and apply the color from root gently.
  • If your hair is short, you can use a hair color brush. Dip the brush into the color and apply it gently on the hair. Ensure that you are coating the hair overall.


Wait for dry

After using semi-permanent hair color on bleached hair, let it dry. But how long have you to wait? You should leave it for 30-minutes to dry normally. If your hair is longer, you may need to give more time to dry. To save your hair dye, you can wear a hair cap.


Rinse after waiting

Rinse the dyeing hair even for darker color perfectly. How? Follow:

  • Soak the hair with the running water. It is an essential step after dyeing when it dried out very well.
  • Wash the hair gently and use color to protect shampoo from washing. The color protect shampoo is particular because it keeps the moisture and saves your hair from damage.
  • Rinse continuously so that ay dye will remain.
  • Apply also color protect conditioner from holding the moisturizer of the hair.
  • Now let dry your hair naturally, not by using a hairdryer.

Maintain your dyeing hair


Wash your hair carefully

Semi-permanent dye on bleached hair will fade if you wash your hair much more time. If you enjoy your dyeing color for a long time, remove your dyeing hair infrequently. 


Use perfect shampoo and conditioner

Wash your colored hair using color, protect shampoo, and conditioner that can minimize fade.


Repeat dyeing

Semi-permanent hair color after bleaching won’t last forever. If you need it, you can repeat your hair again and again. You can try another color if you want.

Wrap up!

After bleaching, semi-permanent hair color is not a difficult task, and you can apply the selected color at home. Though dyeing is trendy, it can damage your hair, and you may lose your hair. So, you should maintain your colored hair after bleaching.

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