Tricks For A Damaged Hair (Fix Today)!

Tricks For A Damaged Hair

Best Tricks For Damage Natural Hair

Damage natural hair: If your hair is damaged, there is no need to cut it clean. Several tricks can help you solve it and get healthy hair. Of course, for this, you must be consistent in the solutions we propose to achieve healthy hair. Are you ready? We start

Tricks for a damaged hair
Tricks for a damaged hair

Nowadays, damaged natural hair is complicated to be aware of everything. Schedules, commitments, etc. They make us unable to be 100% earrings of our hair. Additionally, during seasonal changes, the hair suffers more, and what was healthy hair, ends up becoming damaged hair. But do not worry, once you have identified a damaged hair, performing the following tricks, you will be able to recover it.

What to do if I have damaged hair?

First, do not worry. It is normal, that, in certain seasons of the year, your hair loses nutrients and spoils more easily. But, you already have thin, oily, frizzy hair, etc. we give you the keys to return to show off a perfect mane.

Tricks for damaged hair according to your hair type

I have thin and damaged hair | Tricks for damaged hair

Next, we give you the tricks to go from beautiful and damaged natural hair to a mane full of volume and healthy. But before we start, we will analyze why your hair is like this and based on this. We will give you the most appropriate advice for your case.

Why do I have damaged and fine hair

The leading cause of this type of hair is hereditary. However, sometimes, it happens that the hair bulb does not collect the necessary nutrients, and this produces a scalp with excess sebum. The excess of sebum plugs the hair follicle, and this prevents the reception of nutrients. Therefore, the hair is thinning and little by little it is falling.

Solutions for damaged and fine hair

On these occasions, an adequate diet is a key to success to show off a perfect mane. However, this will be reflected in the medium-long term. Therefore, what you should be doing now, is to use a suitable shampoo that allows you to eliminate the excess sebum that your scalp has. This way, your scalp will begin to breathe immediately and will help the nutrients reach the hair follicle correctly. In this sense, you can also bet on hair treatments like capillary mesotherapy.

Curled and damaged hair | Tricks for damaged hair

Why my hair is damaged and frizzy

Generally, hair tends to curl when there is a lack of hydration. The humidity inside and this lack of hydration, favor the accumulation of electric charge. Additionally, if you have this type of hair and wash it often, you will lose the natural scalp fat, causing a swollen hair appearance.

Tricks for damaged and frizzy hair

In this case, you should avoid all kinds of accessories that damage your hair, such as the hairdryer, curling irons, or hair straighteners. Try to wash it in the afternoon, as soon as you arrive from work so that you have time to dry in the open air. And yes, add to your hair shampoo, conditioner, and special mask for dry hair. You’ll see that, in a few weeks, you’ll look like a mane again.

I have fragile and damaged hair | Tricks for damaged hair

Why my hair is broken and fragile

Even if you want to find a reason that justifies having fragile hair, the truth is that this type of hair is so by nature. Also, it is very sensitive hair, without life, or movement.

Solutions for damaged and fragile hair

On the other hand, as for the tricks to improve your hair, we recommend not to untangle it in the wet, nor twist it when washing it, but you will spoil it more. And of course, use thermal protectors before applying heat to your hair, with the dryer or hair straighteners. On this occasion, we recommend strengthening your diet with nutricosmetic supplements. This way, your hair will start to look better.

Hair punished and damaged | Tricks for damaged hair

Why my hair is damaged and punished

A hair punishment can be a consequence of many things. For example, the continuous exposure of the hair to treatments of wicks, dyes, smoothing, etc. The excessive use of plates or tongs, etc. We have all had our hair punished at some time.

Solutions for damaged and punished hair

The best solution for damaged and punished hair is from washing. Massage your hair medium and ends, avoid rubbing it. And when it’s time to dry it, you should also avoid squeezing it with the towel to remove excess moisture. Additionally, to improve the hair, we recommend a hair rejuvenation treatment based on keratin. You can check it at your most trusted hairdresser.

I have the fat root and dried ends | Tricks for damaged hair

Why do I have my hair like this

On the other hand, we have this casuistry of damaging natural hair. If you have fat root and dry ends, it is probably a hormonal issue or even a high fat intake. However, some experts indicate that it may be due to washing the hair with very hot water during the winter.

Tricks for damaged hair with grease root and dry ends

Whatever your case, the first thing you should do is choose the shampoo correctly. In this case, we recommend that you bet for organic shampoo, free of sulfates or silicones. Additionally, avoid washing your hair with very hot water. You will see that little by little you light a mane 10.

Hair turned off and spoiled | Tricks for damaged hair

Why my hair is damaged and turned off

Finally, we tell you what happens when a hair is off and destroyed. It is very simple, if the hair does not have a good internal structure, it will never be able to shine. So, if you want your hair to shine again as always, the trick is to take care of it internally.

Solutions for damaged hair and off

To finish, we give you the solution for this type of damaged natural hair. We recommend you use a good conditioner with nacre to make your hair shine again. On the other hand, you can also opt for hair dyes enriched with silk protein, which will help your hair shine.

In summary…

It has been all about tricks for damaging natural hair. We hope we have solved all your doubts and that you have taken ideas to solve the problems of your scalp. Sometimes, dedicating a little more time to your hair can prevent it from spoiling. Pay attention to your diet and choose the shampoo you need always to wear a mane 10. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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