what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longer

What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

What Shampoo Makes Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer: Top Ten Picks for 2019!

what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longerWhat Shampoo Makes Your Hair Grow Faster and Longer 1

When I watched Rapunzel as a Kid, I remember crying to mom for turning my hair long like here. I still find it funny but to be honest, I still wish the same! We girl have a fantasy of growing really long hair with a beautiful volume and shine.

Healthy and nourishing long hair means there are a hundred ways to style them. You can try a several style every day and show your different personality according to mood.

Well, but this fantasy isn’t something impossible you know! With proper hair care and products to help, you can someday actually get there. One hair care good you should care about is shampoo. We almost every day, use a shampoo to clean a hair.

Choose A Shampoo Based on Your Hair Type!

Not every shampoo has the same formula for hair. There are different cleansing purposes that these shampoos serve. How do you know what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longer along with giving the right specific treatment suitable to your hair needs?

Well, let me tell you about the different hair types and how to specify what solution each type needs.

Normal Hair!

If you have normal hair type then gets a gentle hair cleansing shampoo without any special treatment formula. It should come with active ingredients to nourish and give your hair proper strengthen to grow better.

Oily Hair!

There are many who believes that with oily scalp they should use a strong shampoo. Also, they believe in not conditioning. However, in reality, such a method can dry out your scalp and that might trigger additional oil production.

So, the best way is to have a shampoo with volumizing and oil balancing capabilities. After that go for a carrier oil-based conditioner. This way your hair follicles won’t get disturbed and the PH balance will stay steady.

I recommend you to use jojoba oil for oily scalp.

Deep Cleansing Shampoos!

There is certain clarifying shampoo available. Don’t use them too frequently. This is best suitable for folk who use a lot of styling products. So that there is no residue of hairspray or gel.

The stronger detergent elements in these shampoos can be harmful. You can try such type of shampoo once in a month. Don’t pick them for regular use since it will surely strap away from the natural oil.

Choosing the Right Ingredients!

There are some ingredients that are going to upsurge hair growth power. You should try to find out such shampoos with these ingredients.

A shampoo with Argon carrier oil can give your scalp proper nourishment without making it greasy. This carrier oil is known to be an excellent choice when it comes to hair regrowth and hair loss prevention.

Aloe Vera can be an active ingredient if you want a moisturizing effect on your scalp along with proper air growth. Sometimes lack of hydration leads to improper hair growth.

Biotin conditioners go perfect with such shampoos that are meant for hair growth. These conditioners have active elements to give the growing power uplift.

Also, there are some other ingredients such as Shikakai, hibiscus, coconut oil, soy wheat and almond oil for proper hair growth.

Make sure to go with all-natural and organic shampoos if you want the best results. No matter what hair type you get, always avoid harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulfates.

These are really harmful to hair follicles and might be the reason for extreme hair loss. Sometimes baldness!

10 Fast Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews!

So, to answer your question about what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longer I’ll start with the reviews. Here are ten choices that I and my team used for the last three months. Originally there were twenty-four choices that we tried.

However, the team feels this ten deserves to stay for the top ten list. Below I’ll tell you about the benefits and features. Choose something that comes with your preferable ingredients. Make sure the shampoo sounds good enough for your hair type and needs.

Let’s Start!

1. Vie Naturelle Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo

With the strength of caffeine and argan oil, this best shampoo for hair growth faster is a great choice to stimulate your hair follicles. It comes with an effective formula that can work together with vitamin-infused for both male and female.

With hair restoration and regrowth formula, you can enjoy the effectiveness of active ingredients in a really affordable price range. It’s a non-prescribed all-natural shampoo formula that has the treatment to prevent hair loss also.

You can get the Pro-T hair growth pills along with it to see a visible change on a smaller number of days. Also, the texture is good enough to give you proper lathering with a small amount of product.

The custom blend of essentials oils is also present to give you good nourishing without any conditioner. It comes with 12 fluid oz amounts which go quite a few days.

It also has the benefits to block DHT in any gender hair. There is a two months satisfactory guarantee to satisfy your money security needs as well.


  • It comes with active ingredients.
  • There is a good warranty.
  • The packaging is really nice.
  • Great for blocking DHT.
  • Works for hair loss and regrowth.


  • Not suitable for too dry scalp.

2. Nourish Beaute Hair Loss Conditioner

With Vitamin hair growth-boosting method, nourish beaute hair conditioner is one of the pro choices you can try combined with your preferred best shampoo for hair fall and dandruff. It can give you an effective hair growth complete treatment no matter what gender.

It comes with DHT blockers and biotin ingredients that are an excellent choice for nourishing and proper hair thickening method. It’s full of powerful vitamins to ensure your hair gets the proper ingredients to grow well.

For those who are suffering from pattern balding, hormonal imbalance and even receding the hairline can trust this amazing conditioner for a great result.

It comes with three key in one element called Baicapil that can fight hair loss and increase the hair density. Also, the conditioner can help you with the reduction of DHT and increase growth phase.

To add shine and vibrancy to your dull looking hair with the properties of hair growth, this conditioner can give amazing results if used in a good manner.


  • It comes with Baicapil.
  • Rich of vitamins and antioxidant.
  • The solution is drug-free for a better result.
  • It suits both men and women.
  • No paraben and sulfate ingredient.


  • Might give irritation to colored hair.

3. Lipogaine Hair Stimulating All-Natural Shampoo

Lipogaine has an amazing hair stimulating shampoo that comes with all-natural elements to give your hair better strengthening and formulating hair regrowth effectively.

This purple stylish bottled shampoo comes with keratin and argan oil, to give your hair the hydration it needs. The repairing ingredients work to provide strong stimulation as well as giving volume and shine to your hair.

With almost 16 oz amount, I think it’s going to be enough for long usage. You can use it every day without missing a beat and see the effectiveness.

This unisex shampoo comes with vitamin enrichments and castor oil goodness for healthy and vibrant hair. It helps with rejuvenating scalp and more.

People from all age with any hair type even Africa American and black hair genes can enjoy this great hair strengthen product for a reasonable price range.


  • It comes with castor oil and vitamins.
  • There are argon oil and Aloe Vera to hydrate properly.
  • The shampoo can help with volume and shine.
  • It is free from harsh chemicals.
  • The large bottle goes a long way.


  • Some user complains about itchiness.

4. REGENEPURE – The DR Shampoo, Hair and Scalp Treatment!

REGENEPURE shampoos are not just any other shampoo but a complete har treating formula that works for hair and scalp to rescue hair regrowth elements.

This product is formulated to serve both men and women with safe elements. This is an excellent choice as a hair regrowth shampoo that works without harsh ingredients such as DEA, sulfates, and parabens.

Also, the shampoo is a great choice if you want to get rid of toxins and sebum that builds up within the scalp or follicles. So that the regrowth of hair could be possible.

You can use this shampoo for treated and colored hair as well. Since there are no chemicals to harm the hair that goes to styling and helps to strengthen damaged hair.

It is not an SLS shampoo which is a strong point for those who have dry hair. These ingredients work really well to dry scalp and so he shampoos will fit perfectly


  • It comes with all-natural elements.
  • There are no paraben or DLS ingredients.
  • It helps to treat damaged hair follicles.
  • The shampoo is great for colored hair.
  • The lathering is good enough.


  • It’s somewhat expensive.

5. Laritelle Organic Shampoo – The Best Shampoo for Hair

Laritelle shampoo is an organic choice that comes with the goodness of Palmarosa. It is the best shampoo for dry scalp and hair loss since there are argan oil and rosemary extracts for regrowth.

It can thoroughly rejuvenate hair follicles with proper softening elements and give you therapeutic hydrolats benefits. This shampoo is a popular choice for those who need the best formula for promoting healthy hair growth.

Moreover, this shampoo is suitable for color treated hair as well. The certified ingredients are all natural can go well with keratin treated hair as well.

There are also essentials oils and Clary sage to make sure the shampoo can prevent severe hair fall. With a rich and creamy texture, it lathers pretty well with a coin-sized amount.

Also, since there are around five size options available, you can choose a preferred one depending on your frequency of shampooing. It comes with beautiful five different smells.


  • A completely organic shampoo.
  • The texture is creamy and rich.
  • Nourishing elements for all hair type.
  • Promotes new hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Adds volume and shine to hair.


A bit expensive.

6. PURA D'OR Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque

The PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy is three in one formula to treat problematic hair with extra nourishment elements.

It comes with argan oil and Biotin ingredient to give better hair growth and prevent hair loss. There is also organic stuff to make sure it goes well with any hair type.

The Unisex shampoo, conditioner, and masque come with a total of fifteen powerful elements. This combinedly gets rid of hair thinning problems

Also, it has a unique blend to make sure hair can fortify and invigorate up to the tip. You can use the gentle formula for regular usage and the whole package is quite reasonable which is the best part.

There are no paraben, sulfates or any harmful chemicals with hypo-allergic treating. You can use the three-in-one package for promoting healthy looking shiny hair that does not tangle


  • It comes with the detangling element.
  • Promotes thick hair from root to tip.
  • There are fifteen powerful ingredients.
  • It helps with ultra-nourishing.
  • A gentle formula for any hair type.


  • The bottle is not travel-friendly.

7. Hair Loss and Biotin Shampoo

This non-paraben or sulfate shampoo from DR. Hempster is an excellent choice that comes with organic ingredients to treat hair loss. With an affordable price tag, it can work excellent for any hair type.

Some even say, if you want to know how to grow hair faster in a month then this shampoo is one simple answer. However, it might not be completely true because everybody has different scalp and hair type.

The shampoo helps to control age by preventing hair thinning which is no joke to a few. This problem is a big headache for certain folks. The shampoo also helps with better elasticity since it has wheat protein.

With the properties of Argan oil it can also fight extreme dry scalp and balance the natural oil. Also, there is saw palmetto element to fight baldness causing enzymes.


  • It comes with saw palmetto and wheat protein.
  • It can prevent hair thinning.
  • The shampoo adds extra volume to one’s hair.
  • The price is pretty reasonable for anyone.
  • A vegan shampoo for styled hair.


  • Can’t provide enough moisture for extremely curly hair.

8. DermaChange Thick and Full Hair Growth Shampoo

This shampoo is very affordable with a few hair thickening and regrown benefits that can do wonders. It comes with no side effects and so you can use it safely on color treated hair as well.

This beauty product work hair comes with an effective regrowth formula that can treat your hair with completely natural ingredients. It comes with high-grade ingredients to make sure the scalp contains proper PH balancing ability.

Also, the purity benefits will help to keep the thickness and health of hair promoting. With three generation experience, the brand is a reliable pick by many.

There is no gluten or sulfate to cause any hair harm. Also, the thirty days satisfaction warranty is a relief for spending money. You can choose it for a safe journey to hair regrowth and PH balancing.


  • It comes with totally natural ingredients.
  • It suits color treated hair.
  • There are hair thickening elements.
  • No gluten or sulfate is within the shampoo.
  • It comes with a satisfactory warranty. 


  • Not for really sensitive scalp.

9. Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo – The Sulphate free

If you are looking for a shampoo option that has clinically beneficial ingredients, then Amplixin can be an ideal choice. It comes with some unique combination to benefit thin hair problems.

There are some carefully selected ingredients within this great shampoo. It can show you effective results for a number of problems such as balding and hair loss. It can also help you with the receding hairline. This works perfectly fine for both men and women.

The Ampligo complex formula comes with three main elements to treat hair. These are Bio-Mimetic Peptides, Caffeine, and Red clover. The stimulating effect of these elements helps to slow down hair loss ad lot. Also, it blocks down the negative effects of harmful elements such as DHT.

No matter if you have damaged, colored, normal, oily or dry hair type, this shampoo can show you effective outcomes with regular using.


  • It goes well with any hair type.
  • This is suitable for both men and women.
  • The hair prevention element is of high quality.
  • It comes with DHT blocking formula.
  • The ingredients are clinically proven for hair regrowth.


  • The amount in one bottle is not sufficient.

10. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Conditioner – The Natural Anti Hair Loss

For itchy and sensitive scalp, you can trust on this BOLDIFY conditioner along with the best shampoo for dry hair. It is a great choice to make your hair look fuller and thicker. The Biotin conditioner comes with zero sulfates.

The cruelty free production gives your hair the proper growth that it needs. Those who want to add extra volume for very thin hair can try this conditioner regularly. It goes deep into each shaft and gives you a proper nourishing effect.

Also, the concentrated Aloe Vera and rosemary extract can help you with stimulating hair growth. The conditioner is rich in vitamins to prevent hair loss.

After each wash, you can see the visible shine in your hair. Also, it provides a slickening feel to hair from root to tip. The moisturizing effect will keep oil in balance without damaging natural oil.

Colored hair can enjoy the formula as well for treating their hair damage. It’s a great choice to try in a practical price range.


  • It comes with moisturizing elements such as Aloe Vera.
  • There is volume creating effect.
  • Gives you really fast results for hair regrowth.
  • Safe to use for color treated hair.
  • Gives extra shine and silkiness to hair.


  • It comes with an insufficient amount.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Do diet and lifestyle have an impact on hair growth?

Of course, it has. No matter how much you spend and buy a quality shampoo if you don’t care about a proper diet with a healthy lifestyle, the chance is that your expectations will go in vain.

If you want to make sure the hair care products you use actually work then lead a healthy lifestyle with some proper eating habits. Keep fruits and vitamins included along with healthy protein to maintain a healthy scalp.

How bad is styling product for hair growth?

When you sue certain types of styling product for hair grooming, you are surely putting some harmful chemicals into your scalp.

So obviously there is going to be negative reactions regarding that However by choosing the right type of shampoo and conditioner you can lessen the chances. Your proper hair cleansing and nourishing will minus down some harmful effects of such styling products.

Should I wash my hair frequently?

Well, regular hair cleansing is a good thing as long as your using safe elements win your shampoo. But still sometimes over washing might cause severe irritation and itchiness to certain folks. It can destroy the natural oil balancing as well.

So, it’s better to keep your scalp clean but avoid washing too frequently. If you feel the scalp is dirty and needs cleansing, use the shampoo or else avoid it for that day.


So, what shampoo makes your hair grow faster and longer will depend on your scalp and hair type. However, these ten choices are all-natural with very fewer chemical ingredients. So, if you have favorite pick then be assured of picking it. I’m sure you’ll see a great change!

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