worst things for your skin


Worst things for your skin

worst things for your skin

Worst things for your skin: Beauty, as well as financial freedom and happiness, is one of the things that people want to have. It is not only for the simple fact of being “beautiful,” goes much further, but it is also actually because of the cultural repercussions that beauty has on a society. And this is not only based on beautiful eye color or an excellent figure, but health and wellbeing also play a significant role in it. To begin with, your interior, look at this healthy eating guide in Nutrition Without More.

When your interior is healthy, it shows on the outside. However, there are things that many people do -even you can be doing- that sabotage the good health that you provide to your skin with a balanced diet and extra care. Here is a list of these counterproductive practices for perfect skin:


worst things for your skin

Do you know smoking is the worst things for your skin? Nicotine and all the chemicals in cigarettes affect not only the lungs, but also the heart, respiratory tract, mouth, teeth and, of course, the skin, which is directly affected by cigarette smoke. This smoke causes the collagen (which causes the elasticity of the skin) to decrease, causing wrinkles.
On the other hand, the cigarette also makes the skin look dull because its components make it look dry and bland. Tobacco is so harmful that it even blocks the action of vitamin E that you get from food.

Do not use sunscreen

worst things for your skin

The sun is necessary for life on earth; without it, we could not live. Also, it is a source of vitamin D, which is essential for our healthy development. However, Ultra Violet rays from this star can also be harmful to the skin, so much so that in some instances they can cause cancer.
At present, the sun’s rays are being even more potent because the ozone layer is weaker due to the effects of environmental pollution. It essential to use sunscreen every time we are going to expose ourselves to the sun to minimize its effects on our skin. If, in addition, your skin is white, sun protection is necessary even on cloudy days.

Go to sleep makeup

worst things for your skin

The makeup is excellent to highlight our attributes, that can not be denied. But it is full of chemicals that do not let your skin breathe properly. When you do not remove makeup at night, you can cause allergies on your skin, dehydration, premature aging and other consequences that are totally unnecessary. I think you know It is the worst things for your skin.

Use the same products throughout the year
The skin needs different things from one season to another. Each change of season should be a reminder to evaluate the regime of products you are using. These are Rouleau’s recommendations:

Winter: “The focus should be on hydration and on products that contain a high degree of hydration.”

Spring: “Think of spring cleaning with products that deeply cleanse the pores and exfoliants that revive the skin from the dryness of winter.”

Summer: “The focus should be on protecting the skin from the sun with sunscreens and antioxidants, which have great protective qualities. The products you choose should be lighter during spring and summer, as there is more moisture in the air. “

Autumn: “Increase exfoliation to repair skin from summer sun damage.”

Pull the skin around the eyes

worst things for your skin

This is the area of ​​the face where the skin is thinner, therefore it is more delicate and is the first to show signs of aging. Be nice to her! “If you pull the skin when you’re working in this area, applying eyeliner or rubbing energetically to remove eye makeup, you can create collagen fiber wear and elasticity, causing visible lines and wrinkles ahead of time,” Rouleau explains. “Always apply the eye cream with the ring finger (it’s the weakest) and use a gentle pats motion to avoid rubbing and pulling.”

Sunbathing and / or not using sunscreen

worst things for your skin

It’s no secret that sunbathing is one of the worst (if not the worst) things you can do for your skin. “Every tan, even a small shade, is a sign of skin damage,” explains Dr. Nazarian. “With repeated exposure to UV radiation, skin cells can mutate, causing deadly skin cancers. If that was not enough, chronic radiation and tanning also cause signs of aging of the skin, such as wrinkles, sagging and drooping, dark spots and uneven tone. “

With regard to protection, you should take precautions every day if you want to prevent skin cancer and wrinkles. “Every day of the year, with or without sun, UV rays are harmful and can enter through the windows of your office, home or car,” says Rouleau. “Make sure your moisturizer contains sunscreen, so you just have to apply a product. Do not forget that the best anti-aging measure is sun protection. “

Not getting enough sleep


sleep is one of the fundamental needs of the human being. It is vital for the correct rest of the body and fills you with energy to face each day. When you do not, your cells do not regenerate properly. The effect this causes on your skin is that it accelerates aging, becomes dehydrated and of course, looks tired and disadvantaged. Click here for the best tips to sleep well.

Exfoliate more than necessary

Your skin cannot receive more exfoliation than necessary. The advice of Rouleau? Use a good facial scrub or exfoliation with acid, but in moderation. “It can be used for seven days, and then not used for the next seven days,” she says. “During the days when you are not using it, nourish the new and healthy cells with a large amount of moisturizer that is right for your skin type.

Excess washing

worst things for your skin

Washing is another habit with which the skin suffers if we do it more than necessary. Do not forget that the skin is a very delicate organ and very sensitive to the products that they put on it and how often you do it. “Most tend to use very strong soaps that remove the body’s natural oils and alter the ideal pH of the skin,” says Dr. Nazarian. “Excessive permanent washing will cause the skin to dry and crack, leaving it prone to infections and outbreaks, and may even highlight the signs of aging, such as wrinkled eyelashes and marked lines.” To make sure you’re not over-drying your skin, look for moisturizing cleansers that gently cleanse without destroying the balance of natural oils.

Overeat salt


maybe you think that this has nothing to do with your skin, but it is not like that because when you eat a lot of sodium, the body retains liquids. When you retain liquids your body swells, and it shows on your skin, among many other more serious consequences. For these reasons, there is a maxim that says “less salt, more health.”
Concerning salt, it is preferable that you choose the most natural ones. Learn here the types that exist and which is the most suitable for you.


worst things for your skin

you are not a dermatologist, and you should not be pinching your pimples, pimples, ingrown hairs, etc. It is one of the biggest aggressions against your skin and can have permanent effects. “It is very common for all people to squeeze and manipulate the shins, and with this, they create more inflammation in the inner layers of the skin,” explains Nazarian. “The result is scars and discolorations on the skin, which can last for months or even forever.

Ingest highly processed foods

worst things for your skin

Has it happened to you that suddenly you get some irritation or rash in some area of ​​your skin and do not know what is due? It can happen for multiple reasons. One of them may be that you are allergic to any chemical component of the food you eat. Highly processed foods do not provide the nutrients you need for good health of your skin or your body in general.
So, it is best to consume nutritious and healthy organic foods instead of those rich in sodium and other components used to prolong their conservation or “improve” the taste.

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